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Chris Masters speaks about his time in the WWE lockerroom

Chris Moretzky (a/k/a Chris Masters) was on the Daily Suplex Radio yesterday evening. Moretzky did a very candid and honest interview with the hosts Brian Thomas, Big Luther and Jon. He spoke openly about anabolic use, testosterone use, what it was like backstage in the WWE, hazing backstage, and much more. Here is a recap of what went down in this 50 minute interview:

Chris joined the show doing some cardio on a treadmill as he was training to get back into shape to make his return to wrestling. He has been off the diet and workout regimen for the past month or so.

On being a fan as a kid: Chris loved wrestling growing up and was very into WWF and his favorite wrestler was The Ultimate Warrior.

On going back to WWE: Chris thinks he has an open door to go back at some point, but right now he wants to focus on Japan, the indies and more.

On who came up with the Masterlock Challenge: Chris doesn’t remember who came up with the full nelson idea, but he said the plan was always to come up with something that would follow the same lines as the Masterlock where the opponent would have to answer a ten count or get knocked out in some sort. He was also looking for an impact move to use, but never came up with something good.

On the status of his injury: Chris says his arm is about 90% right now and that is why he is starting to work out now.

On paranoia backstage: Chris says that everyone has been worried in the aftermath of the Chris Benoit murders and there are people walking on egg shells backstage.

Was he an example: Possibly, but he was on second strike and from a business standpoint he understands why he was released. He questions the results of his tests as he took three and two of them were negative with only one being positive. Because of this he asked for another test right when he found out. Chris said he wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to get fired. He said there will be more soon.

On what kind of toll the WWE schedule takes on his body: It takes a toll, but he said it was worth it to him. He talks about how they don’t have an off season, and that they travel a lot. He had to weed off of pain killers at one point due to the injuries he suffered.

On pain killer use in the locker room: Chris said they are used, but so is alcohol, steroids and other things. He talked about the difference of using pain killers and abusing them.

On why he was suspended: Chris talks openly about his purchase of anabolic drugs in the Signature Pharmacy scandal. He also talks about his use and is asked about using testosterone.

On the reaction of the veterans to his immediate push: Chris said he was taken under the wing of Shawn and was accepted pretty much right away by the guys. He loved being in the ring with Flair, Triple H and Shawn.

On hazing: Chris said hazing happens all the time and there are people you don’t want to get on the bad side of. He mentions JBL as one of them.

On underutilized talents: Chris mentions Carlito as being someone that is a great talent that was not used to his full potential and feels that someone didn’t like him up there and that could be why
Carlito was not pushed to his full potential.

On upcoming work: Chris will be working in Japan for legendary promoter and wrestler Antonio Anoki’s IGF promotion on December 20th. He is still trying to find out what to use for a ring name and asked the fans to email some ideas.

On TNA: Chris has started to familiarize himself with their program now that he has been off with the injury. He also knows a lot of the guys down there with Angle, Booker T, Cage, Tomko and some of the other guys working in TNA. He would love to see another Monday Night War come out of TNA and WWE and believes that the business would be better if there was one.