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WWE: Update on Carlito Leaving the WWE

Additional Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It has been all but confirmed that Carlito is leaving WWE. He recently gave his notice and he is expected to finish up with the company sometime in December.

No details have come out yet regarding his contract terms, which would obviously prevent him from jumping to TNA right away. For the duration of the deal, they’ll probably let him work wherever he wants except TNA, so the duration of the rest of the current deal is key here.

Carlito hasn’t been happy since around WrestleMania. At times, agents have praised his work, but the feeling is that he only does enough to get by, but not enough to excel. Also, WWE officials weren’t happy with an interview he did during the week of WrestleMania where he complained about being left off of the card.

Carlito is booked to appear at a big wrestling show in Puerto Rico on January 6. AAA in Mexico is also trying to land him.