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TNA: Update on Scott Hall No-Showing Turning Point

The big story coming out of last night’s TNA Turning Point Pay-Per-View is that Scott Hall was a no-show. Hall was advertised to compete in the main event along with Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe against Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Tomko.

Samoa Joe selected Eric Young as their team’s replacement for Scott Hall. Eric Young was picked because he is a personal favorite and close friend of TNA booker Dutch Mantel. Many felt that there were better options than Young, a perennial mid-card comedy act who would not benefit from the "rub" of a main event spot.

Kevin Nash was visibly upset during Samoa Joe’s scathing promo before the main event. He did not celebrate with Joe and Young after their win and left the arena almost immediately. Nash made it known during the day that Hall is his friend but it is not fair to judge him for Scott’s mistakes. This situation is very similar to Matt and Jeff Hardy several years ago when Jeff was struggling with his "issues". Matt Hardy was always there for his brother, but made it clear that Jeff made his own decisions and to view them as individuals. It is unknown at this point to what degree Nash assured TNA that Hall could be counted on.

TNA management was understandably upset with the whole situation. They took a risk by promoting a star with a long history of being unreliable. The general feeling is that Scott Hall has burned his last bridge. TNA management will never rely on Hall or advertise him in a main event role. So in short, Scott Hall blew his chance with TNA.