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TNA: Why Two TNA Stars No-Showed Turning Point

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There were two stories going around backstage in TNA in regards to Rhino’s absence at TNA Turning Point. One was that he had a neck injury, the other was that there was a personal issue he had to take care of.

Early reports say that Scott Hall claimed “food poisoning” as to why he didn’t show up at the TNA Turning Point PPV last night. TNA had been working for weeks promoting the return of The Outsiders at the PPV. Hall’s no-show lead to a huge shoot promo from Samoa Joe at the end of the show. "Scott Hall punked out on me and on every single fan in this building tonight,” said Joe. He said there are TNA die-hards who bust their asses for the fans every week and there are superstars who think they come and do whatever they want, however they feel like it, and screw the hard-working guys and fans of TNA. Earlier in the show Joe sent another shot at Hall saying that he “probably couldn’t pass the breathalyzer in his car to get to the arena.”