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WWE: More Details on The Nasty Boys Debacle

While the Nasty Boys tryout a few weeks ago went over well with the crowd, it didn’t go over too well with officials backstage. They were criticized for playing to the crowd a bit too much and delaying the start of SmackDown, not to mention that the feeling was that they worked too stiff on their opponents – Dave Taylor and Drew McIntyre. However, leaving the ring crew about five minutes to get the ring ready for that night’s ECW live episode wasn’t entirely their fault because one of the Major Brothers bled hardway during a match later in the show and the crew had to clean up the ring because they didn’t want subsequent guys to be wrestling on blood spots in the ring. Also, the Vickie Guerrero angle later in the show went a bit too long because backstage personnel had to carry her out in a stretcher before the ring crew could make their adjustments. When it was all said and done, it was 9:55 p.m, leaving them five minutes to do so, but they managed to get everything ready on time.