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WWE Spoilers: Current Plans for WrestleMania XXIV

Additional Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As previously posted, the winner of the Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H match at WWE’s Armageddon pay-per-view will get a WWE Title shot at the Royal Rumble in January. As things are planned now, Triple H will likely win the WWE Title from Randy Orton, probably at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. If plans stay the same, then Triple H will be going over Hardy at Armageddon this month and Orton will likely regain the WWE Title over Chris Jericho.

The current plan after that is for Triple H to wrestle Batista at WrestleMania 24 in Orlando. There is major talk within WWE of doing this match at WrestleMania instead of the previously planned Orton vs. HHH match.

It’s unknown right now if Batista will be winning the Royal Rumble, but it makes sense because the winner can face any brand’s Champion at WM 24. Seeing how Batista is on SmackDown and HHH on RAW right now, Batista would pretty much have to win the Rumble to face HHH at WrestleMania because of the rules of the upcoming Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out, that will only feature wrestlers from the same brand. The other brand’s Champion will have six superstars from his brand face off in the Elimination Chamber match with the winner getting the other World Title shot at WrestleMania. It looks like that match will be a SmackDown brand match.

It looks like Batista will lose his title sometime soon as there’s no way WWE will have a Title vs. Title unification match at WrestleMania. Edge will likely be the one to take the strap from Batista. It makes sense for The Undertaker to win the Elimination Chamber match and face Edge at WrestleMania in a huge match, with the title and the winning streak on the line.