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TNA: Update on Senshi’s Release

As reported yesterday, there was an all-talent meeting held before Monday’s iMPACT! tapings where anybody who was unhappy and wanted to leave TNA would be granted an unconditional release. Senshi was the only person to take them up on the offer.

He worked this week’s tapings and is expected to be done with the company. He has been very unhappy with how he’s been booked in recent months. Several TNA roster members tried talking to him recently, assuring him that he has a secure position in a "good" company and earns steady income working matches that won’t shorten his career.

Senshi is expected to work on the indy scene and overseas. It is unlikely he will end up in WWE or Ring of Honor.

Senshi won one of the "Feast or Fired" briefcases at Sunday’s TNA PPV but he was not booked to be fired. He was actually supposed to win a tag title shot for his team, Triple X. Those plans were changed and a different team was awarded the title shot at last night’s iMPACT! tapings.