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TNA: Karen Angle hurt at Impact taping

TNA Wrestling’s Mobile news text service has confirmed this afternoon that Karen Angle broke her leg at last night’s TNA iMPACT tapings in Orlando, Florida.

Apparently the injury occurred when Karen landed awkwardly while exiting the ring during a segment taped for iMPACT. According to a fan report from inside of the arena, Angle had to be carried to the backstage area as she was unable to leave under her own power.

Karen did not return to ringside for the remainder of the taping. It was originally thought that she suffered an ankle injury; however, the term that TNA used is that she has suffered a “broken leg.”

 Further note:

— To correct an earlier report here on the site, it should be noted that Karen Angle actually broke her foot at last night’s Impact tapings not her leg. Sorry for the inconvenience.