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TNA: Booker T Still Denies Any Illegal Drug Use While In WWE

SLAM! Wrestling has an article with TNA wrestler Booker T regarding his departure from WWE. Booker believes that he was used as a scapegoat when the suspensions relating to Signature Pharmacy went down because they needed to suspend someone at ‘the top.’ "You can’t just pick out a bunch of guys who have no name and punish them," Booker said. "You’ve got to have somebody in there with some credibility to give yourself some credibility." Booker vehemently denies having any role in the drug scandal. "I had nothing to do with Signature Pharmacy, and I knew I hadn’t ordered anything online," Booker said, referring to Signature’s use of various physicians and clinics to distribute orders placed through the internet. "I knew I wasn’t a part of that, and I relayed that to the company, and I wasn’t protected — they didn’t step up for me."