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WWE Spoilers: What Is Wrong With The Power 25 This Week

I realize I haven’t done this little article in some time. The reason for that is because the Power 25 people have been doing good, until this week that is. While there are few, here is what is wrong with’s Power 25 for December 15:


  • In Finlay’s box for his #15 spot, it says that "The Fighting Irishman holds position after defeating Deuce in singles action". The problem with that is the fact that the match happened last week (December 7), not this week.
  • This error is not only present once, but twice. In "The Miz" & John Morrison’s boxes, it says that "the WWE Tag Team Champions retained their titles on ECW". The match against Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore was non-title, as is the case with all their matches since their first title defense on November 16, which was an immediate rematch against MVP & Matt Hardy. Even if they don’t bother watching the product that they are providing rankings for, they should still know better than to think that two jobbers such as Yang & Moore would be getting a tag title shot.