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WWE: Update on the Stephanie/Singh Confrontation

Additional Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Dave Kapoor (AKA Ranjin Singh), the translator for The Great Khali, was scolded by Stephanie McMahon on Monday Night after RAW.

In the final segment on RAW where a bunch of people came out, drank drinks and pretty much broke kayfabe, Stephanie felt Kapoor was having too much fun. The broadcast showed a shot of him smiling and having a good time, just like most everyone else.

After the show, Stephanie called him over and told him that his behavior was highly unprofessional. She also intimated that if he didn’t take "the job of a lifetime" seriously that he could very well be let go by WWE. Stephanie also added that someone on creative shouldn’t be an on-screen character (he’s a member of the creative team). Stephanie said that she went to bat for him in the past, and that he’d he better not screw it up.