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Well, it had to come, the quietness of the new year and a weak looking UK Scene, but never mind, there are wrestling computer games to get people in the mood, unless the anniversary show of Raw didn’t put anyone off for life…

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with your friendly neighbourhood Saz.

Well, it had to come, the quietness of the new year and a weak looking UK Scene, but never mind, there are wrestling computer games to get people in the mood, unless the anniversary show of Raw didn’t put anyone off for life!

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> UK News

Very little to report this week (as most places have closed down for the new year) but there is a little bit for your enjoyment.

SAS becomes next cancellation casualty

After a small plug from Fighting Spirit Magazine and a lot of advertising, SAS wrestling rather quizzically announced:

“New date for SAS Park: Bigger, Longer and Elite!

Following the unfortunate cancellation of our campaign for December 15th 2007 at Wolverhampton Civic Hall, “SAS Park: Bigger, Longer and Elite”, we at the SAS Press Corps are happy to be able to report that a rescheduling has been secured, and the campaign will now go ahead at the same venue on May 11th 2008. When the Operations Schedule has been confirmed, we will have update reports for you as soon as possible.”

SAS have been selling their company as an army unit including appointing its wrestlers numbers.

Some will ask what the reason is for cancelling as, unlike PTW last week announced that the weather was to blame for its unfortunate cancellation, I reckon it doesn’t matter, a cancellation is a cancellation and a blow to any company’s reputation.

So it is great news that this show will only be deferred and not totally cancelled.

New Nottingham School opening

Right off the back of Stixx announcing that his training school in Nottingham will align with SLAM Wrestling, another school pops up! Amazing!

Seriously, in the interest of fairness the new school, announced as PSE Wrestling, had this to say about themselves:

“OUR FACILITIES: We have our very own purpose built 18 foot triple-sprung ring in which all the ring training takes place.

This is the only one of its kind in the country and the best quality compared to what other schools have access to – some don’t have a ring at all!

We also have our own dedicated PSE Fitness gym compromising of weights and cardio equipment available 24/7!

Through our parent company, the Phantasia Leisure Group, we have an in house costume merchandising department that can deal with every need of any up and coming wrestler.

TRAINING SCHOOL SCHEDULE: Ring training takes place on Sundays with sessions running from 3PM to 5PM for beginners and 5PM to 8PM for more advanced students. A usual training session last for 2-3 hours and compromises of a warm up, ring training, a trainee match (at a suitable level) and a cool down.

Trainees are also expected to be willing to learn and help out with ring construction and maintenance, as well as learn backstage jobs such as ring lights, pyrotechnics, merchandising, promotion etc. Although you will be paying to learn how to wrestle, you will also learn these extra valuable skills too.

TRAINING SCHOOL FEES: We offer two packages;
Gold package – Pay per session £10 and per gym session £2,
Platinum package – One off payment of £75 for 10 weeks training course and unlimited free gym sessions.

AND FINALLY: Here at PSE our training philosophy is clear – everyone welcome!

We don’t discriminate on the grounds of age, sex, race, religion or disability. Our only requirement is 16+ years of age for ring work. Those below 16 years of age can learn about wrestling psychology, ring maintenance, pyrotechnics, lights and sound control as well as backstage and talent management!
E-mail for more information!!”

The trainees are expected to help out on shows is part for the course by the way people, I don’t think I’ve been in a federation where a trainee isn’t helping to put up the ring!

> Show dates


HEW – The Christmas Spectacular Show

Saturday December 22nd
The Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall in Takeley, Bishops Stortford.
Tickets are £10 Adults and £8 Children (just HEW) or for both shows (WAWW & HEW) £18 Adults and £14 children.


  • Ricky Knight vs. Paul Tyrell
  • Jonny Storm vs. The Zebra Kid
  • Sykes vs. Bret “The Kraft” Meadows



Saturday 23rd February
Melton Mobray
Tickets are Adults £10, Children £7.50
Doors 7pm, Show Starts 7.30pm


  • “The Wonderkid” Johnny Storm vs “The Heavyweight House of Pain” Stixx
  • The Iron Lions vs The Murderers
  • “Bombay Dreams” Ross Jordan vs “The Playboy” Phil Bedwell vs Shabazz
  • Stephanie Scope vs Jetta
  • The UK Pitballs vs Killer Instinct
  • Paul Malen vs Prince Osmond
  • Yel Darb the Viking vs The Headmaster


Tickets 01664 851111

All matches are deemed correct at time of submission, but are subject to change.

> Show Spotlights

None this week as there are very few commentaries around!

If you want to place a match focus then email [] and we’ll add you.

> Training

If you are interested in becoming a professional wrestling, we are here for you on the Talk Wrestling Online Forums, with a comprehensive list of training schools throughout the UK and now with links to suppliers of wrestling gear too! See how good we are to you?

> And Finally…

Next week is Christmas, so I’ll be taking a break from the scene to concentrate on opening my Prezzies, so have a great Christmas!

Take care,