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Hulk Hogan Being Held Responsible for Nick Hogan’s Crash?

Additional Source: St. Petersburg Times

The civil lawsuit surrounding the Nick Hogan car crash may end up pointing the finger at the Hulkster himself, and not because he bought both Nick and John Graziano beer.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that the main factor that puts Hulk in the frame, experts say, is the fact he is registered as the Supra’s primary user.

Tampa attorney John Goldsmith, who is not affiliated with this case, said Bollea is liable under a part of the law known as the "dangerous instrument liability doctrine."

"If you own something that is a dangerous instrument, like a car, and you allow somebody to use that car, then you are liable for the negligence of the driver," Goldsmith said.

Nick Bollea, 17, has been charged with a felony count of reckless driving with serious bodily injury in connection with the Aug. 26 crash. Police said he was racing the Supra just before he wrecked.

His passenger, Graziano, 22, broke his skull in the crash. Graziano’s mother, Debra, recently said he is semiconscious and able to make facial expressions and sounds, but still cannot breathe on his own. A doctor has predicted he will likely spend the rest of his life in a nursing home, according to court records.