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Rob Van Dam Speaks On Booker T & Possible WWE Return

Rob Van Dam has a new blog up on his official website where he talks about a variety of topics, including his return to WWE a few weeks ago. Here are some highlights:

On his one-night return at the Raw 15th Anniversary:
"Glad everyone seemed to enjoy my brief appearance on RAW. Of course, even though it was a reunion for the 15 year anniversary, many of you refuse to believe that I’m not back. Hold on to whatever you need to, but I’ll be chillin’ in Southern Cali while you’re doing that. It was a fun experience, being there for one day and knowing I’m going home instead of on to the next spot on the map. Some of the other wrestlers jokingly said goodbye with “ See ya at WrestleMania”. We’ll see."

On wrestling Booker T in Texas:
"Making an exception to my plans of California dreaming, I’ll be in Houston on December 28th for PWA’s one year anniversary show. RVD vs Booker T headlines this huge event in Texas, which is sure to have a record breaking crowd. If you’re able to make it, know that this is a rare opportunity to witness those RVD moves actually being done by RVD and not an impressionable wanna-be. Sweet, one-of-a-kind action!"

RVD also goes on to talk about the recent investigation in baseball claiming over 100 baseball players were on steroids, how this relates to the pro wrestling industry and more at