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WWE: Joey Styles Speaks On JBL’s Color Commentary

Joey Styles’ latest column has him taking aim and JBL and his broadcasting abilities, or lack thereof. Styles wrote: "Just when I thought nobody could butcher color commentary worse than Ernest "The Cat" Miller did years ago, along came JBL, tempting me to drive my pencil into my own ears at every WWE pay-per-view." He also added: "JBL spent more time talking about himself in his Foghorn Leghorn voice than he did talking about the matches he was supposed to be calling. While I have no doubt that JBL will one day be inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame as the great in-ring superstar he is, the self-professed Wall Street wizard will not be joining Gene Okerlund and Jim Ross in the announcer’s wing." Styles closes his column with this parting shot: "I wish JBL the best in his future endeavors if only so I never have to suffer through him calling another match." You can read the article in it entirety at