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WWE Tribute To The Troops 2007 Results

The Fifth Annual WWE Tribute To The Troops (RAW’s 761’st Episode) took place on Christmas Eve (December 24, 2007) from the Streicher Base in Tikrit, Iraq:


Match Results

  • Non-Title: Armageddon Rematch: Chris Jericho def. Randy Orton by DQ when JBL interferes.
  • Non-Title: Jeff Hardy def. Carlito by pin following the Swanton Bomb.
  • Mickie James & Maria (RAW) and Kelly Kelly & Layla (ECW) fight to a No Contest when Mr. McMahon* stops the match.
  • Rey Mysterio (SmackDown!) def. Mark Henry (SmackDown!) by roll-up.
  • D-Generation X def. Umaga & Mr. Kennedy by Triple H pinning Mr. Kennedy following the Pedigree.

Match Quality

  1. Randy Orton Vs. Chris Jericho
  2. D-Generation X Vs. Umaga & Mr. Kennedy
  3. Carlito Vs. Jeff Hardy
  4. Mark Henry Vs. Rey Mysterio
  5. Mickie James & Maria Vs. Kelly Kelly & Layla



*Shortly after Mr. McMahon stopped the match, John Cena came out dressed up as Santa Clause and ultimately F-U’ed the Chairman (arm injury and all). The fact that Santa came out with a sling on his arm pretty much gave it away from the get-go, not to mention Cena’s horrible Santa imitation.

Also, SmackDown’s Michael Cole and RAW’s Jerry "The King" Lawler provided commentary for the event from WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT.