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WWE: Update On The Boogeyman’s Whereabouts

Additional Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We haven’t seen the last of The Boogeyman in a WWE ring, but a decision has been made that he will only be used sparingly.

The feeling is his act gets old fairly quickly, which is why hasn’t been used much since the summer. Also, his in-ring abilities limit what he can do, not to mention that he is injury prone.

Writers Brian Gewirtz and Ed Koskey are The Boogeyman’s main allies as they like to write comedy skits for him. However, seeing how The Boogeyman is on ECW, and Dusty Rhodes does most of the booking for the show, his television appearances are considerably limited. Rhodes wants to place a bigger emphasis on wrestling and less on promos & skits. Boogeyman will be used in a similar manner as Ron Simmons is used, for brief comedy appearances.