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Scott Hall Continues His Quest To Kill His Wrestling Career

Scott Hall was booked to drop the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship on the weekend of December 14 to Biggie Size, a power wrestler similar to TNA’s Hernandez. Hall asked Hector Melendez (who briefly did the LAX ring introductions when he worked for TNA) if the title match could be changed to a non-title street fight because he thought it was too early to be dropping the title to him. Due to his friendship with Kevin Nash, they thought he was playing games and told him he needed to drop the belt. Hall just stayed in his hotel room and no-showed the event. Hall’s excuse when talking to WWC officials was that he was running late and that he’d be at the show. Of course, he never came. Hall ended up forfeiting the belt and Biggie Size won it in a deciding match on 12/15. Hall held the belt for approximately 6 months.