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ST: Do not talk to me about fake

There’s a saying in wrestling.
The person who says that wrestling is fake knows nothing about wrestling at all.
Say fake to people like Chris Benoit whose “fake” concussions turned him insane, say fake to Sid whose leg broke in half after the merest of falls, say fake to every single wrestler who has been through agony just to entertain people.
Critics of wrestling make me sick to my stomach, who approves you? You who have never felt the pain, or has had to go through any sort of agnony to decide that it is enough to make you an expert!
You watch us, you tell us how good you think we are and you don’t have the balls to go through what we have gone through, just for the approval of people like you.
You make me sick.
let’s get one thing straight, wrestling can be predetermined, wrestling can have a fixed outcome, but do not insult the time that has been spent in entertaining you as fake.
For those that have never experienced wrestling past the WWE and Smackdown vs Raw… Wrestling hurts, Wrestling demands and Wrestling will take every ounce of life from you.
Whatever anyone tells you Wrestling will never, ever be fake.
So imagine my amusement when someone opens their “look at me, don’t I know all about wrestling” with the line “Wrestling is fake, I hope I haven’t scared anyone away with that shocking revelation” tells me two things, one, the person doesn’t know anything about wrestling, the second, the person doesn’t have the respect to see wrestling for what it is!!
And this abuse of what wrestling is all about tends to sum up the shit that some poor bastard who earns from nothing to thirty quid has to put up with.
And that is what you are said abuser, nothing but an ungrateful abuser of what is an art, like a drug addict criticising your Heroine. The drug is there and you are addicted, else why turn up each time to criticise.
You can’t stand to be without us, you cannot stand to be apart from us and you cannot stand to be not one of us.
So you hate us and criticise us.
And this is the description of a Smark, a resenter of wrestling.

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As a wrestler myself (who”™s currently out with a knee injury) I totally agree with your statement it makes me angry when we go out there risk our bodies each show to be told what we are doing is fake. Tell me would they get in the ring and take the hard knocks and the answer my friends is NO! Why criticise what you truly don”™t know. Wrestling is entertainment and it’s also a good way to get in shape and learn things about your body you never knew you could do! Hope to be back in the ring soon doing what I love so anyone who lives in the West Midlands get yourself to the next AWE show and see us putting our bodies on the line!

I just wanted to say respect to all you guys, im not a wrestler myself but i am about to start training with Basix Wrestling.
Also thought it might be worth mentioning Shawn Michaels and his broken back, anyone willing to tell that guy he faked his 4 year absence from the WWE?!
Once again, MASSIVE RESPECT to ALL wrestlers out there, hopefully i’ll get to work with you soon =)

That is really true mate.

I’m mates with the wrestlers from WAW and I’ve seen the pain they have to go through so unless you’ve seen it dont critisize!

I am always trying to tell my mates that wrestling isn’t fake but they wont have any of it I’ve told them to come with me but they dont want to be seen as wrong :@

I am joining wrestling soon at WAW and I will show you that wrestling is not fake!

Dictionary definition of the word “Fake”.
1. One that is not what it purports to be.
2. An imitation passed off as genuine.
3. To alter, manipulate, or treat a situation, so as to give a spuriously genuine appearance.
4. To claim, represent, or assert falsely.
“Wrestling” IS “Fake” and will only ever be successful in a country where 18% of its population believe ‘Rambo’ is a real soldier and won WW2 (and where everyone hi-fives each other at every opportunity)
Wrestling is no more than a very minor, ‘performing art’ and will never, ever be taken seriously in the UK (well..not by anyone with half ounce of intelligence).
FFS even ‘Darts’ and ‘Snooker’…and even ‘Poker’ receive a shitload of more airtime on TV.
Wrestling cannot be competitive when everyone involved is plainly pretending to compete.
And as for people not knowing ‘how hard it is’ and ‘how many knocks’ you get, legs broken, concussions etc etc…Well how about they aint that stupid to go thru all that for £30 a night.
Lets just say, after reading these ‘trying to justify’ comments, that these people who call ‘fake’ think you’re the stupid bastards participating in something that
1. Proves nothing.
2. Gets you ‘hurt’.
3. Will never be popular.
And then add the fact that you are doing all this..for less than someone can earn working in McDonalds the same amount of time.
End of.

Have you never heard of taking pride in something, working your a$$ off! paying your dues for something you love thats the reason why people go out and sacrifice their mind and body for £30 a night.
And if you actually knew anything about the history of british wrestling you’d realise that British wrestling has already had boom periods, none more so than the world of sport days when competitors such as Giant Haystakes, Big Daddy (Who even had his own cartoon on British television but wrestling was never popular?) Davey Boy Smith aka The British Bulldog and The Dynamite Kid (who both moved on to become house hold names in the United States) graced out screens on a Saturday afternoon.
And as far as pro wrestling being “fake” i’d like to see you tell every single pro wrestler who has bust their a$$ and bleed to entertain that their sacrifices mean nothing!
Because sure as hell mean alot to them and the fans.
(It amazes me why you’d come onto a wrestling site to argue about a subject that you apparently don’t have any knowledge of.)

I joined the AWW wrestling school in Birmingham last year in February. I’m only a trainee there, but I will tell you straight, it’s no ballet school. I’ve had to go to hospital after one training session. I’ive coughed up blood. I’ve drove home bruised and sore countless times. You wrestling critics can kiss my ass. It’s not as fake as you think. Wrestlers go through hell to entertain people, they deserve respect. If anyone tells me it’s fake then I will say try it yourself. Go to a wrestling school, see if you can hack it. You won’t have it easy I can assure you.

That is so true, I get what you are saying but when people say wrestling is fake they mean it in the sence of the punching and kicking.

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