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WWE Spoilers: Three More Superstars Confirmed for Royal Rumble Match

At Saturday’s RAW house show in Poughkeepsie, Hardcore Holly defeated Trevor Murdoch in another Royal Rumble Qualifier bout. Thus, Holly will be in the Rumble match at the PPV.

We announced earlier that WWE has decided to do Royal Rumble Qualifying matches at their house shows, which is a nice touch to bring people in. With Holly’s entrance into the match, that makes him the third competitor to qualify, in addition to Umaga and Snitsky.


A non-title Royal Rumble qualifying match was held at Saturday’s WWE house show where Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang qualified for the Royal Rumble as they defeated The Miz & John Morrison. That puts the match to five confirmed competitors- Umaga, Snitsky, Hardcore Holly, Shannon Moore, & Jimmy Wang Yang.