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Recap of Hulk Hogan’s Appearance on Live With Regis & Kelly

Wrestling Legend, Hulk Hogan appeared Monday Morning (January 7) on Live with Regis & Kelly to promote the all new American Gladiators show that airs on Monday Nights (starting tonight) at 8/7c on NBC. Pat Sajak (Host of the Wheel of Fortune) was filling in for Regis Philbin. Hogan was the second guest on the show (behind Carson Kressley). Hogan didn’t have much of an appearance, but here is what happened:

During the opening segment of the show (where the hosts chat about current events and things of the sort), Pat Sajak revealed that he was a wrestling fan back in the days of Buddy Rogers. Kelly Ripa then discussed how her and her husband (Mark Conseoulous) always did imitations of The Bushwhackers (and she actually knew their names, too). Kelly did some imitations of Hogan ("Brother" This and "Brother" That). Sajak stated that he liked the talking in wrestling the best. At one point during her imitations, Kelly kind of mixed together Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage’s manurisms. Kelly & Sajak also discuss a plan to "jump" Hulk and put him in a headlock. After that bit of business, they moved on with the show and here is the recap of Hogan’s actual appearances.


Kelly & Sajak introduce Hulk Hogan and Hulk comes out and does his usual poses (hand to the ear, standing with hands on his hips, etc.) and then he invites Kelly & Sajak to join in and of course they do. Before sitting down, Hulk says that Kelly is "tough" and she is a babyface and he demonstrates (with his hands and body) that a face is always ready for a fight and that a heel always wants to avoid a fight. Hulk discusses how he was home and was watching football prior to the premiere of American Gladiators came on and he said that the American Gladiators hit harder than the football stars. Sajak asks Hulk if he watches himself on TV. Hulk said that he always criticizes himself when he watches his wrestling matches and always tries to be tough on himself, but also be able to accept a good performance. The conversation then moves on to Hogan’s biceps and his training regimen. Hogan says that he goes to the gym every day and has been since he was four years old. Kelly asks Hulk about his New Year’s Resolutions for 2008 and Hulk says that his resolutions are to "be positive" and "be happy" in 2008. Hulk puts over his wrestling fans and wrestling fans in general before the show goes to a commercial break. When they come back from break, Hulk discusses the new American Gladiators and what’s new about it. He says that countless competitors have to go through different tests of endurance and whatnot to qualify to be on the show. Hulk says that the female competitors are the toughest of them all. Hulk then attempts to teach Kelly and Sajak hows to lock up and go into a hammerlock (a basic wrestling maneuver). They get the lock-up done well and the Hammerlock in with some struggle and then it just kind of fell apart after Kelly turned wrong and whatnot. Which is expected if you’re not a trained professional wrestler. Hulk then puts Sajak in a "playful" headlock and lastly, Hogan plugs American Gladiators.


As reported yesterday, Hogan will be making several appearances around the New York City area. Feel free to contact me if you have a report.