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WWE: Drug testing update

Additional source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to a well placed source in the company, WWE will only test their superstars for marijuana once per year. If a superstar fails a marijuana test they will be subject to a $1000 fine but it will not result in a suspension or count towards their three strikes as part of the Wellness Policy.

Bryan Alvarez claims that drug testing in WWE has already become much less stringent than it was earlier last year. Apparently the feeling is that when it was realized that there were not going to be Congressional hearings and the chances of hearings taking place anytime in the future are slim to none, that everyone took a deep breath concerning the Wellness Policy.

It will be interesting to see if physiques change in the coming weeks as traditionally in WWE, superstars reach their peak in time for WrestleMania. Another thing to watch will be the physical signs of steroid use as with WWE programming airing in High Definition, things such as back acne will be as clear as ever to see.