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Full Preview of RQW No Pain No Gain 2008

No DQ Street Fight
‘Rowdy’ Ricky Knight and The Zebra Kid v Brett ‘The Kraft’ Meadows and Martin Stone

You can bet your bottom dollar that when these four were deciding who to send Christmas cards to last December their opponents weren’t on the list. There’s no love lost between these two teams that’s for sure. Ricky Knight It seems is boiling with rage over the fact he can’t get the RQW Title off Martin Stone and The Kraft sits at the top of his own WAW promotion. Throw in a Zebra Kid who can’t stop himself getting disqualified in RQW and another all-out war is set for Fleet this Sunday.

OK I’ve been vocal on the RQW forums this weekend about the fact that Martin Stone hasn’t defended his RQW title for a fair while (September to be exact) but with news that he’s to put that belt on the line against Ulf Hermann in Germany soon this match becomes even more important for him. One thing is for certain and that is that Stone’s blonde hair hasn’t lasted anywhere near as long as his title reign.

Their match in Dartford just before Christmas didn’t have any seasonal spirit included that’s for sure and referee Steve Lynksey had no option but to disqualify both teams as their shared hatred boiled for each other boiled over time and time again. Not convinced of the hatred Ricky Knight has for his opponents? Here’s what he sent me earlier this week:

”I am sick and tired of Martin stone and his girlfriend Brett Meadows running off at the mouth, what they are going to do, what they ain’t going to do to us Knights. Let me tell you what they are going to do. Nothing that’s what. Zebra and I are the two hardest men in RQW, in fact UK wrestling, Stone you are a wannabe tough guy, Meadows you are a page 3 girl and come Sunday 13th January at Northfleet, you will regret the day you ask the Knight’s for a street fight, you will go home in carrier bags.”

OK Ricky I think we’ve got the point now. A win for the Knights could have huge repercussions in both RQW and WAW. If Stone was to be pinned then a new title challenger will be created and if The Kraft finds himself on the losing team then his reign as WAW British Heavyweight Champion will be in jeopardy.

The story behind this match lies not just in WAW where there’s been rivalry for a fair while but to the RQW show in Colchester in June. Knight and Meadows were on the same team that night but barely on the same page. They got the win over Team NOAH but the antagonism between the two tag partners was clearly evident and last month the bad feeling between the pair finally erupted in an RQW ring when the pair met in what was supposed to be a singles match.

The British veteran Ricky Knight was in his usual rule-breaking mood as he took on the current WAW British Heavyweight Champion in a non-title contest. The bout didn’t stay in the ring for long and when it did go to the outside, Knight not only tore out a seat from the front row, and he also managed to break my headphones, thanks Ricky!

The match reached an unsatisfactory conclusion when The Zebra Kid made an unwelcome intervention attacking Meadows leading to a victory for Ricky Knight. Incensed at what had just happened, the challenge for a tag match in December was set.

Then again could there be a twist in the tale? Martin Stone enters the ring with three WAW wrestlers, what if there’s a secret pact we don’t know about? All will be revealed on Sunday.

Recent RQW Results

Martin Stone

  • December 2007 Double DQ against Knight and Zebra Kid
  • September 2007 Beat Andy Boy Simmonz
  • August 2007 Beat James Tighe in Worthing
  • August 2007 Beat Drew Galloway in Dartford
  • June 2007 DQ win over Takeshi Rikio
  • April 2007 Lost tag match (partner Jody Fleisch) to Hade Vansen and Jon Ryan
  • March 2007 Beat Jody Fleisch
  • February 2007 Beat Ricky Knight
  • January 2007 Lost to The Great Muta

Rowdy’ Ricky Knight

  • December 2007 Double DQ against Stone and The Kraft
  • October 2007 Beat The Kraft
  • June 2007: Teamed up with The Kraft to beat Atsushi Aoki and Makoto Hashi
  • February 2007: Lost RQW Title match to Martin Stone

Brett The Kraft’ Meadows

  • December 2007: Double DQ against Knight and Zebra Kid
  • October 2007 Lost to Ricky Knight
  • September 2007: Lost WAW World Title match to Erik Isaksen
  • August 2007: Beat Dark Angel Ashe
  • June 2007: See Above

The Zebra Kid

  • December 2007 Double DQ against Stone and The Kraft
  • October 2007 Lost by DQ to Darren Burridge

RQW Tag Team Championship: Team Charming v ?

It can’t be easy going into a title defence not knowing who your opponents are going to be but that’s exactly the position Team Charming aka Dave Moralez and Jack Storm find themselves in at the start of 2008. It could be anyone who gets in the ring with them this Sunday but as Dave Moralez told me earlier this week, whoever it is won’t be going home as the new tag champions.

“Violence, pain, torture. That’s what Team Charming promise to deliver to our next opponents, we don’t care who you are. If you don’t believe us you can ask Maximum Head, Hubba Bubba Lucha and the Hated Heroes. They are few among the many that have all met the same fate. Whoever our opponents are be prepared to leave without OUR tag team titles. Oh and just remember there’s no I in Team Charming, baby!”

Team Charming have been unstoppable in RQW winning the tag title tournament with ease. OK you can say they might not have beaten the team of Spud and Ross Jordan if the latter hadn’t betrayed his partner and the Hated Heroes team of Simmonz and Summers were both ill-prepared and not exactly in the best of moods with each other. Since then though Team Charming have seen off The Lost Boys and Maximum Head and both were convincing victories.

So just who could be challenging for the belt this Sunday? Damned Nation have to be candidates Despite not teaming together in RQW since their win over The Chavs in August both Majik and Dragon Aisu have made appearances and we all know sooner or later they will get a shot at the titles, could it be this weekend?

Maximum Head did well in their title match last year and a return match wouldn’t come amiss. The Iron Lions made an impressive debut getting a win over Maximum Head on the last show and surely must be due a title shot in 2008 sometime soon.

Whoever it is that steps into the ring with Team Charming this weekend has one hell of a fight on their hands.

Recent RQW Results

Team Charming

  • October 2007: Beat Maximum Head
  • September 2007: Beat The Lost Boys
  • August 2007: Beat The Dragonhearts and The Hated Heroes
  • February 2007: Beat Hubba Bubba Lucha

RQW Women’s Title: Wesna v Jetta

So finally Jetta gets a one-on-one match for the RQW Women’s Title after her challenge to the champion in Dartford last December. Now let me try and work something out here. I usually put the recent results in RQW at the end of the preview but for once it’s going to be put on show earlier.

In March 2007 Jetta teamed up with Cheerleader Melissa to get a win over ‘Jezebel’ Eden Black and MsChif but only because Jezebel happened to have been blinded by a misdirected powder shot from her tag partner allowing Jetta to get an easy pin. June saw the four-way elimination match for the women’s title. Jetta managed to cheat Jezebel out of her title and stay well away from Amazing Kong before it was just Wesna and Jetta left and of course it was Wesna who got the win to become the new champion. October saw Jetta go to a double count-out with Jezebel in Dartford.

So wait a minute, Jetta hasn’t actually got a singles victory yet but manages to get a title shot. Given that fact Barry Horowitiz should have headlined Wrestlemania and got a title shot every year.

Jetta isn’t the most quiet of ladies and has already been on the phone to RQW complaining about the work of their referees stating “I don’t trust those men. They’re biased against me and I think they fancy me. That’s just disgusting! That Quildan’s a closet perv and the less said about Lynskey, the better. If RQW don’t want to disappoint the people who’ve paid to see a Women’s Title match on Sunday, they need to find an impartial female referee or that match ain’t happening.”

Perhaps Jetta will wait until she gets a singles victory in RQW, after all the Fabulous Moolah wrestled after she became a pensioner. There’s no way Jetta isn’t going to take this title shot and an RQW spokesman has said that “the matter is in hand.”

I get the feeling that Jetta has really shot herself in the foot here. Sometimes in life you really shouldn’t ask for something because when you do it has the habit of becoming a reality and biting you where the sun doesn’t shine.

Let’s put the issue of the referee aside for a moment and concentrate on Wesna. Perhaps the only popular Croatian after what their football team did to us last year, she recently made a successful defence of her title against Blue Nikita and also beat Jezebel in another defence on a ChickFight card (thanks again to the interference of a certain young lady from Coventry). With a debut in SHIMMER on the horizon Wesna is a tough nut to crack that’s for sure and she beat Jetta in Germany last year. Jetta may not have a great record in RQW but she did recently win the WAWW British Ladies title so has to be feared.

So back to this matter of who might be the referee I wonder what a certain Jezebel is doing this Sunday? Then again Sweet Saraya (who meets Jetta in WAWW soon) might also be on hand to referee the match. I get the feeling Jetta is going to regret asking for that female referee.

Recent RQW Results


  • December 2007: Beat Blue Nikita in Germany to retain her title
  • August 2007: Beat Jezebel by DQ to retain title on ChickFight card
  • August 2007: Beat Destiny by count-out to retain the title
  • June 2007: Time limit draw with Cheerleader Melissa to retain title (Chickfight)
  • June 2007: Won Four-way match against Jezebel, Jetta and Amazing Kong to win RQW Title.


See above

Final Eliminator for the RQW Cruiserweight Title Number one contenders spot: Mark Sloan v Zak Zodiac

Every RQW card seems to present Zak Zodiac with a new challenge. It’s either the chance of becoming the number one contender to the cruiserweight title, challenging for the belt itself or trying to keep his position as number one contender. It’s the latter this weekend in Fleet and Zodiac finds himself up against an extremely experienced opponent in Mark Sloan.

The son of Ricky Knight doesn’t quite share the same attitude as his illustrious parent, though deep down he might just be tempted to use some of the less legal moves in the business. He has a lot to lose here, defeat to Mark Sloan means no chance in the near future of the return match that Red Vinny has said he’s prepared to give to his rival. Victory means that could happen soon and second time lucky he might walk away with the belt after his gallant performance in Dartford just before Christmas.

Mark Sloan can of course claim that if it wasn’t for him Zak might never have made it to the number one challenger spot. The way he eliminated Ross Jordan from the number one contenders match in Great Yarmouth made it a little bit easier for Zodiac to get the win. It’s not payback time exactly but Mark Sloan isn’t in RQW to sell DVDs, he wants gold and to get that he has to beat Zodiac this weekend. Sure he lost on the last show to Stixx but that was no disgrace and his heavier opponent didn’t exactly abide by the rules did he. This should be a great match with tons at stake, I just wonder if a certain Ross Jordan might have some say in the eventual result.

Recent RQW Results

Zak Zodiac

  • December 2007 Lost title match to Red Vinny
  • October 2007: Beat Jimmy Havoc
  • September 2007: Beat Mark Sloan, Ross Jordan and El Ligero

Mark Sloan

  • December 2007: Lost to Stixx
  • October 2007 Beat Ross Jordan
  • September 2007 Lost four-way match to Zak Zodiac, El Ligero and Ross Jordan

Spud v Ross Jordan

I suppose it’s all about not being there isn’t it? Back in August Spud had the chance of becoming the RQW Tag team champion but he had a major problem. His usual partner Luke Phoenix was out injured so he had to find a new partner to help him face Team Charming in the tag title semi-final. He decided that he’d choose Ross Jordan and he’s been regretting that decision ever since. Jordan walked out on Spud and that signalled the beginning of the end as Team Charming won the match and ended Spud’s dreams of tag title glory.

Back in Dartford in October Ross Jordan found himself up against Mark Sloan who’d cost him his chance of becoming the number one contender to the cruiserweight title in Great Yarmouth. I interviewed Ross Jordan for the RQW Fanzine and of course had to ask him about Spud and whether he was worried that it was only a matter of time before Spud got his revenge on him. Here’s what he had to say. “That punk wouldn’t know revenge if he fell over it. If he has a problem with me he can contact my agent, I’m busy filming so Spud can just wait in line with the other nobodies who want my attention.”

Jordan seemed to be in control of his match with Sloan but then Spud’s music played. Was the Brummie about to get his revenge? Jordan’s concentration was shattered and he waited for Spud to make his appearance. But it was all mind-games, Spud wasn’t even in Dartford. Sloan took advantage of his opponent’s loss of concentration and Jordan was pinned.

Now the pair finally have a chance to settle the score and Jordan is in a foul mood that’s for sure. Earlier this week he told me:

“You know what my problem is right now? I would, could and should be RQW Cruiserweight champion. But it’s due to the actions of punks like Spud that I am still without the gold round my waist. Well Spud looks like you couldn’t let go of the past, here we are in 2008 and you’re still trying to prove you’re better than me. Hell, I’m ‘The Bombay Dream’, The Crown Prince of Bollywood. And you’re still just a punk. In fact you’re just another stepping stone on my path to the gold.”

Whoever wins this match will rise to the higher echelons of the cruiserweight division rankings. It could easily be the match of the night.

Recent RQW Results

Ross Jordan

  • October 2007: Lost to Mark Sloan
  • September 2007: Lost four-way match against Zak Zodiac, Mark Sloan and El Ligero
  • August 2007: Walked out of his tag match against Team Charming and then beat Mad Man Manson.
  • June 2007: Beat El Ligero


  • September 2007: Lost to Sykes
  • August 2007: See above

Darren Burridge v Johnny Kidd

A technical feast might be in store for RQW fans this weekend when Darren Burridge takes on Johnny Kidd. Burridge has had a bit of a chequered career in RQW, we all know he’s a threat to anyone but hasn’t managed to put together a winning streak that might earn him a title shot.

He was last seen in RQW against The Zebra Kid who he was due to defend his 1PW Open Weight Title ( a title he still currently holds) in Dartford last October. A low blow gave Burridge a DQ win and with his opponent that night on the same card this weekend, perhaps Burridge might be involved in more than one match.

That’s a situation Johnny Kidd found himself in at Legends Showdown when he had to face not just Brian Maxine but the returning Johnny Saint. OK he lost both matches but a busy weekend had a happy ending when he beat Mal Sanders in Orpington to reach the second round of the British National Championships.

Now he’s in RQW and faces a tough task against Darren Burridge who may well make us laugh but is one heck of a talented technical wrestler. A win for Kidd would allow him to make a great impact in RQW while Burridge has to win to try and get some more momentum going in the company, it promises to be an interesting battle.

Recent RQW Results

Darren Burridge

  • October 2007: Beat The Zebra Kid by DQ
  • March 2007: Lost to Andy Boy Simmonz at the York Hall
  • February 2007: Beat JP Monroe
  • January 2007: Tagged with Kikutaro losing to Madder Than You

El Ligero v Skins

Finally El Ligero managed to win a match in RQW when he defeated hometown boy Jimmy Havoc in Dartford last December. Could a winning streak be beginning, one that takes him all the way to the RQW Cruiserweight title?

His opponent is perhaps at the point of no return in RQW. Whether it be Harry Mills as The Chavs or as a singles wrestler, Skins (aka Mark Haskins) has yet to taste victory in RQW. A win here would change his standing in RQW substantially but can he beat the Mexican? His baseball bat might say yes it can.

Recent RQW Results

El Ligero

  • December 2007: Beat Jimmy Havoc
  • September 2007: Lost four-way match to Ross Jordan, Zak Zodiac and Mark Sloan
  • June 2007: Lost to Ross Jordan
  • February 2007: Teamed with Bubblegum to lose to Team Charming in RQW Tag title tournament


  • October 2007: Lost to Majik
  • August 2007: With Harry Mills, lost to Damned Nation

Tail End Charlie v Martin Kirby

Perhaps this is a match that will end up on the History Channel. General Lance Corporal Tail End Charlie made his debut at the last RQW show and seemed to resemble JP Monroe who had a crashing defeat to Stixx in Dartford last October and hasn’t been the same since. Well perhaps it’s just someone who looks like JP. He contacted me earlier this week and here’s what he had to say.

“Good morning! General Lance Corporal ‘Tail-End’ Charlie reporting for duty. With the threat of the Hun still blowing in our ears, I shall make it my duty to ensure that justice prevails this Sunday, down in the bunker; provisions permitting. I do like a nice tea-party. Lots of cake, sandwiches and lashings of Ginger Ale. God bless, and God save the King!”

OK I’m not quite sure what to make of those comments but go easy on those cakes, sandwiches and Ginger Ale. This weekend he makes his debut in the ring for RQW (war permitting of course) against Martin Kirby who probably still has painful memories of his debut in RQW after being swiftly destroyed by Sam Slam in Great Yarmouth last September. Both these wrestlers need a victory and after all Charlie probably needs the money for after he’s demobbed.

Recent RQW Results

Martin Kirby

  • September 2007: Lost to Sam Slam

Sam Slam also in action

One man definitely on a roll in RQW at the moment is Sam Slam. He followed up his September win over Martin Kirby with a destruction of Paul Malen the following month. December saw him destroy Tiger X and whoever he faces this Sunday faces the fight of his life as Slam continues to make his way up the RQW rankings.

Real Quality Wrestling
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Doors 6pm for a 6.30pm start

Ringside tickets £15
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