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WWE: JR comments of recent Brock Lesnar claim

Jim Ross is back with another blog entry. You can check out the full entry by clicking here. Here are the wrestling-related highlights from this entry:

On whether Jim Ross told Brock Lesnar to do the Shooting Star Press at Wrestlemania in order to create a "Wrestlemania moment", as Brock recently claimed in UK’s Powerslam magazine: "I don’t think I have ever read Powerslam Magazine, but nonetheless I have no idea what Lesnar is talking about. That assertion is just plain stupid. Even when I was in charge of talent relations I never got involved in match structure. The WWE provided Lesnar a wonderful opportunity to earn a great living for many years and Brock chose to leave. He chose to leave, no one forced him out. I have no idea where his “Wrestlemania Moment” story came from but I could truly care less what history Lesnar cares to rewrite. I know I personally treated Brock Lesnar fairly and honestly and went far above the call of duty with him on more than one occasion no matter the “poor me” B.S. one sometimes hears. However, I do wish Brock well in his MMA career. but for some reason one could surmise that controversy may well follow the talented athlete there as well."