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Welcome back to the interactive UK Scene with your friendly neighbourhood Saz. Starting to see the influx of shows and a little bit of contraversy in the general news. It’s great to be a part of the UK Scene sometimes, so without futher ado!

Welcome back to the interactive UK Scene with your friendly neighbourhood Saz.

Starting to see the influx of shows and a little bit of contraversy in the general news. It’s great to be a part of the UK Scene sometimes, so without futher ado!

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> UK News

Here is the latest pick of UK Scene News!

Wrestler tries to con fans and promotion.

As he has done a great job of explaining it, I will paraphrase Darkstar, he quotes the 1pwFF as his source:

“Christmas came early for this past Saturday for the children and families of Robin House Children’s Hospice in Dumbartonshire when we were given a treat by a local wrestling personality James Wallace.

Wallace had contacted us voluntarily here following a succession of tour dates in the USA and offered to make a guest appearance prior to Christmas day at the facility wanting to greet the children, sign autographs and smile for pictures. We were more than happy to accomodate him and needless to say he made a big impression.

Unexpectedly, the children were presented with gifts from Wallace and in turn Wallace himself gained a great gift of his own when he raised the spirits of the families there at Robin House.

“This is something I wanted to do out of goodwill. I’m very fortunate to live the life I do and just want to spread some Christmas cheer to the people here. Just being here and seeing smiles on the kids faces and the reaction I get is like a present in itself”

You can visit the website of the Children’s Hospice Association of Scotland at this address

A personal thanks from me and the rest of the staff at Robin House to James and best of luck to 1PW in the future!

On Dec 24th “colinh” posts this on the 1PW fans’ forum. Surely a great gesture from merely a humble British wrestler, right? Certainly a good enough gesture that 1PW’s fanzine editor thought it good to write an article about it, so he dropped Robin House a line:

Hi there.

A wrestler by the name of James Wallace (or Jay Phoenix), real name Jim Brown, has recently informed me that over the holidays he visited Robin House, to spend the day with the children all looked after by CHAS.

He said he made a day of giving presents to children, and looking after them, as well as posing for many photos with them.

I write articles for a fanzine of a wrestling promotion James Wallace works for, and wondered if you could give me some more information on what he did that day? what sort of activities he took part in, and possibly email me a photo? As i’d like to write a small article in the next issue about it (a link to your website will be included)

Thanks for your time.

Here’s the reply that was garnered (which was posted on 1PWFF):

Hi ****

I have been in touch with both of our hospices, Rachel & Robin House, and James has not visited either hospice. Perhaps it was the Sick Kids in Edinburgh or Yorkhill in Glasgow?

Sorry I can’t be of any more help.

Best wishes


You’ll notice, of course, that the first post specifically mentions Robin House in Dumbartonshire. There was no way that he could’ve given the “wrong” name as all three are mentioned in the first email. Upon inspection of the CHAS site there is no ‘Colin’ on their staff page, much less a Colin H. Various talents posted about Jim discussing his charity work backstage at the previous show. Another email was sent from the fanzine host apologising for any inconvenience caused and promising an advertisement for the charity in the fanzine, as well as inquiring about ‘Colin’ and if there could’ve been a mix-up. A new twist to the tale then occurs with “JimB” joining the forums and posting this:

Guys this is Jim, posting just one message to confirm the following:

Information to management at Robin House who dealt with me at the time has been passed on to Steven Gauntley. Steven will contact them later today, in turn management in charge will be available to confirm everything to him.

Please note that the only reason management has been able to do this is because I have given them my permission. Anyone besides myself attempting to retrieve information from my visit will not be granted due to child protection laws. Robin House does not publicise or indulge information to anyone calling or emailing them regarding visitations.

Thank you.

Seems a bit strange that Kerry wouldn’t have just said that herself, but surely that’s the explanation… right?

Wrong. Nobody bought this and eventually, everyone’s fears were confirmed by Steven himself…

OK, here is all the information I have for you –

I received an e mail from James Wallace this afternoon with the contact information of a manager at Robin House. I called in my official capacity and spoke to this manager. Im really regretful to say she could not confirm James’ story. I dont want to go into too many details of the conversation, but:

James Wallace is suspended from One Pro Wrestling pending further investigations, and is with immediate effect removed from the Jan 25th and Jan 26th 1PW Shows.

On the upside, i got talking to the manager of Robin House, and we have offered, in order to make up for the inconvenience of being messed around by this situation, to send the children there s bunch of DVDs, and work to help to facilitate them coming to Know Your Enemy as a special treat (the kids that want to that is!)

This is a **** situation, but hopefully some good has come of it.

Upon further investigation (including IP checking), it was later revealed that Jim had at least four accounts on the 1PWFF, including ‘kimb’, ‘jimb’, ‘colinh’ and… get this…

“colinhendrie”. Yes, that’s the former Rangers and Scotland captain’s name spelt wrong, which was the only name he could think of as the name of a charity operative.”

Now, wrestlers posing as fans in the UK Scene is not a new thing, in fact you would be shocked as to some of the now famous characters who have been up to this sort of self promotion.

I’d like to say no one has ever stooped this low, but the fact is, the Scene is so full of bare faced liars I’m amazed that it’s taken this long for someone to get caught. Though mostly these things are dealt with in house if they are ever found out.

1PW’s need to publicise is a matter of uncertainty, protecting their image? Is this a work for a heel turn? Or perhaps it’s the strict laws surrounding charities?

Who knows? Either way, the actions of one selfish wrestler has further tarnished the already broken image of British wrestling.

Another show cancelled

Here’s another show cancellation for those who are interested.

“Due to a number of factors outside of our control, 1PW has taken the difficult decision to re-shuffle our upcoming event schedule.

We are unable to run the scheduled card “ No Regrets “ on Friday January 25th from the Doncaster Dome. There are several key factors, outside of out control, and completely unforeseeable, that have conspired to make it next to impossible to run the event as planned on that advertised date:

1 ) A logistical issue with the Doncaster Dome, which we have never encountered before, and I am assured, will never encounter again. 1PW has a fantastic relationship with The Doncaster Dome, and in the name of keeping that relationship, and ensuring a great future of Live 1PW Pro Wrestling events at our home arena, the Jan 25th card will have to be changed up.

2 ) We have encountered a totally unforeseeable issue with one of the main attractions for No Regrets. It is sadly completely out of the hands of 1PW, or the talent in question, and it would have prevented said talent from making their contracted appearance on January 25th. After looking into the possibilities of replacing this talent, we came to the conclusion that there was no suitable replacement available given the timescales we have to work with.

Given all this information, we have obviously had to make some tough decisions, and we have pulled together to present the best possible solution for our 1PW fans –

The January 25th Doncaster Dome card will not be presented. The event has been postponed and amalgamated with the April 19th Dome card, for which Jan 25th tickets are good and valid. If you have purchased tickets for No Regrets you will automatically be re-sent April 19th tickets in their place. THE SANDMAN and JERRY LYNN have been re-scheduled to April 19th, and will appear at that card, alongside AJ STYLES, DAVEY RICHARDS, the regular 1PW roster, plus more wrestlers to be announced.

For any fans who have purchased Jan 25th Dome tickets that do not want to use them for April 19th, or for fans who already have tickets for both Jan 25th and April 19th, a full refund will be available. Please e mail to claim this refund.

We know many fans have already booked travel and hotels for the weekend ( which would have been a Dome show on the Friday and an Underground show on the Saturday ) so bearing that in mind, we have worked overtime to present the best solution we can in the timescale available to us –

Friday January 25th 1PW will still present a Live event in Doncaster, but it will now be at The Granby, meaning that over the weekend we will present back to back shows at The Granby ( Friday and Saturday Night )

To make the best of this situation for our fans, we have pulled out all the stops to ensure this weekend of Underground shows go above and beyond anything you have experienced in The Granby before. 1PW has arranged for ABYSS, 1PW Heavyweight Champion STERLING JAMES KEENAN and ULF HERMAN to all still fly into the UK and make this weekend of shows, with all three appearing on both Jan 25th and Jan 26th.

January 26th was already an announced Underground date ( Underground # 5 ) with tickets on sale via, and that event still stands exactly as advertised.

January 25th will now be a whole new event, titled “ Still No Regrets “ . 1PW will still bring you this loaded event at regular Underground prices of just £7 General Admission and £12 Front Row.

We realise it is a difficult situation to tell you that tickets you have already purchased for a Dome show on the Friday night are now valid for April, and that you now have to pay out for brand new show tickets to the Friday event at The Granby, but this was, we felt, the fairest way to deal with the situation. We couldn’t expect people to use their No Regrets tickets to get into a Granby show, so the best like for like trade ( considering the two events have been amalgamated with scheduled talent from Jan 25th re signed for April 19th ). We will also be spending way over budget to still bring you International talent for the weekend, and these will be no ordinary Granby shows.

Although this situation is far from ideal, we are approaching the solution with great positivity and optimism. Everyone is this organisation is 100% committed to bringing you two fantastic nights of British Pro Wrestling action come Jan 25th and Jan 26th.

Officials are currently hard at work on the full cards for the entire weekend, including exciting plans for a first time ever situation for both Major singles championships in 1PW, but for today we can reveal that Zebra Kid VS Martin Stone and The Damned Nation Tag Team Championship match ( against a team of 1PW’s selection ) will still take place on Jan 25th, as they would have done at The Dome.

Stay tuned to for full roster and card information to be announced in the coming days.

Any fans that have further questions, queries or would like to receive a refund of any kind, please kindly contact [] for a prompt reply.”

Not a good start to the year for 1PW!

> Show dates



18th January 2008
Crosby Civic Hall, Liverpool

Featuring: American Badass, The Iron Duke, Matt Hunter, Ricky Knight, The Kraft, Robbie Micheals, Sam Slam, Zak Zodiax and the Zebra Kid.


HEW – The New Year Showdown

Saturday January 26th
The Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall


  • WAW World title: Erik Isaksen (c) vs The Zebra Kid.
  • Brett ” The Kraft” Meadows vs Victor Dale.
  • Mother vs. Daughter Match: Sweet Saraya vs Britani Knight.



Friday January 25th,
The Irish Club, 14-20 High Street Derit End, Digbeth, Birmingham B12 0LN
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm
Tickets £5.00

Website: (will be updated soon as there is a problem with our hosting company)

KSW – King of KSW 2008

Saturday 16th February
Perry Common British Legion, 641 College Road, Kingstanding, B44 0AT
Tickets are £7 Adults, £5 Children, £20 party of four.
Doors open at 7pm, Show starts at 8.

Current Card:

  • King of the Ring Qualifier: Tyler Rayne vs Rigour Mortis
  • King of the Ring Qualifier: Cupid Valentino vs Brandon Thomas
  • King of the Ring final
  • KSW British Title: Franco (c) vs Sevantes Hunter


16th of February
Weston-under-Wetherley Village Hall Sabin Drive, Weston-under-Wetherley, Nr Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
Tickets cost £6 adults and £4 children.

Show will open at 7.00

22nd February
Nuneaton Co-operative Sports Club Ltd 23 Dugdale Street, Nuneaton, CV11 5QJ
Tickets cost £6 adults and £4 children.
Show will open at 7.00

29th February
Lea Hall Social Club.Kelynmead Road, Lea Hall, Birmingham, West Midlands, B33 8LJ
Tickets cost £5 adults and £3 children.
Show will open at 7.00


Saturday 23rd February
Melton Mobray
Tickets are Adults £10, Children £7.50
Doors 7pm, Show Starts 7.30pm


  • “The Wonderkid” Johnny Storm vs “The Heavyweight House of Pain” Stixx
  • The Iron Lions vs The Murderers
  • “Bombay Dreams” Ross Jordan vs “The Playboy” Phil Bedwell vs Shabazz
  • Stephanie Scope vs Jetta
  • The UK Pitballs vs Killer Instinct
  • Paul Malen vs Prince Osmond
  • Yel Darb the Viking vs The Headmaster


Tickets 01664 851111

All matches are deemed correct at time of submission, but are subject to change.

> Show Spotlights

AWW Desirable Danny D & Real Man’s Man Jules Lambrini vs Ronin & Jamaica’s #1 Bobsledder Derice Coffie

Following a losing streak that lasted more than 2 years, Desirable Danny D picked up his first win in November 2007 against the popular referee, Potter. Desirable Danny D has forged a new tag team with the super camp Jules Lambrini in what could be the most dysfunctional tag team around.

They will take on the popular team of Ronin and Derice Coffie who had made waves in 2007 themselves.

If you want to place a match focus then email [] and we’ll add you.

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