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WWE: Update on the Batista/Fake Cop Incident is reporting that an 18-year-old wrestling fan has turned himself in on charges of impersonating a police officer this past Wednesday after he allegedly pulled over former World Heavyweight Champion Batista during a fake traffic stop along Interstate 77.

According to the young man’s father, he just wanted an autograph and an “up-close” photo of the SmackDown superstar. The boy now faces a first-degree misdemeanor charge that can bring up to 180 days in jail if he is convicted.

Batista was suspicious of the stop but did not want to get in trouble so he pulled over to play it safe. When the boy came to his window wearing camouflage with no police equipment, he told Batista that he was “working undercover.” Batista drove to a well-lit Marathon gas station and called the authorities. The impersonating officer followed him into the gas station but drove away.