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WWE: Wrestlemania 2010 location update


Ever since hockey legend Wayne Gretzky was photographed wearing a t-shirt that said "WrestleMania 2010: Destruction in the Desert", people have been wondering whether the shirt was real and if WrestleMania really was heading to Arizona in 2 years.

University of Phoenix Stadium officials said Tuesday that they are in talks with WWE told host WrestleMania 2010. "It’s certainly not a done deal but we’ve had some good dialogue," said Scott Norton, a spokesman for Global Spectrum, the company that books stadium events.

WrestleMania is an unbelievably strong brand. The event drew 80,103 spectators to Detroit’s Ford Field last spring and injected nearly $30 million into the economy, according to the Detroit News.

"We’re supportive of any event that is a good fit, will fill the stadium and will bring in revenue to Glendale," city spokeswoman Julie Frisoni said.

Arizona is doing a lot to court WWE. This includes producing a video featuring Wayne Gretzky, Cardinals player Deuce Lutui and coach Ken Whisenhunt hammering home why WrestleMania should come to Phoenix. Gretzky liked one of the promotional shirts and took it home, Norton said. "I just find it funny he actually wore the thing," he added. But wear it Gretzky did, creating buzz around the Arizona bid.