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WWE: HD Sets to Be Completely Made of LED Screens has posted an interview with WWE’s 12-year veteran set engineer Jason Robinson about the new HD set that will make its debut tonight. Here are some of the highlights:

— Viewers will notice how vibrant the colors are. They are going with a whole new set that is created entirely out of video. People are used to seeing hard sets with things like mirrors and the fist on SmackDown. They have more than 1.2 million LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that are going to be on the set. In HD, the rich colors that these LEDs produce is going to be amazing.

— The set itself is all video, so they can change it to be anything we want it to be. It will be a set for all of the WWE brands (Raw, SmackDown, and ECW).

— When The Undertaker comes out, the HD set will be gravestones and lightning bolts. When Kane comes out, it will be all fire and flame. It’s a complete freedom of palette to create anything we want for the Superstars.

— For fans in the arena, the set won’t be a stagnant one that just sits there all night. The fans are going to feel more a part of the wrestler’s persona and who they are. They will see and feel the change when different Superstars come out.

— WWE has been talking about a new set for a couple of years. Once they had a definitive idea of what we wanted to do, it took about three months to go from the planning stage to completion. The technology available to their industry �" HD, lighting, sound and video �" all merged together at the right time for them to put together a great set.