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TNA: First drug tests have taken place

TNA Wrestling conducted their first round drug testing last night at the iMPACT! tapings in Orlando. Testing was originally supposed to start Monday, but TNA President Dixie Carter was unable to attend Monday’s tapings and wanted to be there in person for the first tests.

Dixie was there last night and she volunterred herself as the first TNA employee to be tested. The drug testing is said to be totally legit, with medical staff brought in to administer everything. Urine will be sent to a third party testing facility.

Wrestlers had 2 weeks notice before testing began. Much like when WWE started testing, the first round of tests are to establish a "baseline evaluation" to see who has what in their systems. As long as any traces of banned substances decrease in future tests, they will be fine. There is sitll no word on what the punishment will be for violating the drug policy.