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WWE: Major Bobby Lashley update

We have an update to the story that Bobby Lashley is leaving WWE. Lashley has not yet been released, but is currently in negotiations with World Wrestling Entertainment to obtain his release. Lashley is the one who initiated this process. Lashley’s profile is gone from, his merchandise has been put on clearance sale at and he was not included in the official program at last night’s Royal Rumble, which featured biographies of virtually every WWE wrestler.

There was a major falling out between both sides. Lashley was very angry with the way his girlfriend Kristal Marshall was released from the company back in October. There are also reports that Lashley had “de-bulked” in recent months.

As far as his future plans, that all depends on the terms of his release. Lashley is said to have several years remaining on his WWE contract, so it is likely that he will get a "restricted release", which would allow him to pursue a career in other sports (such as mixed martial arts), but block him from working with any other wrestling organization. This is very similar to the terms of Brock Lesnar’s early release from WWE, which prohibited him from wrestling in the United States but allowed him to pursue a football career in the National Football League.