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WWE: Update on the Incest storyline

We’ve been reporting here that Vince McMahon gave the "go ahead" to do an incest storyline. The two characters involved are Paul Burchill (formerly a pirate) and Katie Lea (formerly a cheerleader). The gimmick is that there is sexual tension between Paul and his sister Katie, who manages him. The sinful duo made their debut in a dark match at last night’s RAW. Before the match, Katie took the mic and said that all she wants is to see her brother win. Burchill responded, "What Katie wants, Katie gets." Week by week, WWE will drop hints as to what it is that Katie wants (her brother). The characters are scheduled to debut on either RAW or ECW in the coming weeks. Even WWE knew this gimmick was too "out there" for SmackDown, which airs on network television in primetime.