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WWE & TNA Both Promoting Brock Lesnar’s UFC Debut

All of the Brock Lesnar mentions on are at least worth mentioning. WWE has accepted a huge advertising campaign from UFC in which they are serving all of the ads on the company’s official website. WWE has even altered the background of the official website with a promotional background for the UFC fight between Mir and Lesnar.’s poll (that features another ad right above it) simply asks whether or not Brock can win his fight. As of the time of this writing over 75.71% voted yes and  24.28% said no.

As part of the Lesnar campaign, TNA Wrestling is also promoting Brock Lesnar’s UFC debut very hard as there will be more footage promoting his fight airing on tonight’s edition of iMPACT!. It’s almost as if WWE and TNA are working together for a common goal. It’s a small possibility that WWE maybe trying to get on UFC’s good side and try to steal some of their thunder down the line or perhaps work on a deal for WWE to get in the MMA Business. Odds are it’s just WWE supporting a former WWE Champion. TNA’s motives are unclear, though Brock Lesnar and TNA’s Kurt Angle have been exhanging words as of late over the MMA business.