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Monday Nyquil: The Elimination Chamber

Of course as we all know, the most beloved gimmick, and most well-known in wrestling is the steel cage match. It started with your standard steel fence grate, then the WWE gave it an upgrade with the big blue cage. Which, to be honest, I liked the most. I felt that that was truly a steel cage, not just a fence. Well, the WWE once again innovated what most thought couldn’t be added to with the Hell in a Cell. From that point, you’d think there wasn’t very much you could do. Well, the E proved us wrong again, and by E, I mean Eric. Eric Bischoff. He came up with the Elimination Chamber…

Of course as we all know, the most beloved gimmick, and most well-known in wrestling is the steel cage match. It started with your standard steel fence grate, then the WWE gave it an upgrade with the big blue cage. Which, to be honest, I liked the most. I felt that that was truly a steel cage, not just a fence. Well, the WWE once again innovated what most thought couldn’t be added to with the Hell in a Cell. From that point, you’d think there wasn’t very much you could do. Well, the E proved us wrong again, and by E, I mean Eric. Eric Bischoff. He came up with the Elimination Chamber.

An extraordinarily large, ominous, structure. Like Hell in the Cell, it isn’t attached to the ring, it sits outside of it. Unlike the Cell, it has platforms that connect the cage to the ring. So if you’re sent out of the ring, you’re sent out into steel. It’s completely made up of steel chain, and steel beams. Inside are, you guessed it, chambers. four of them to be exact. Depending on the match, the four wrestlers inside will come out at different time intervals. So, you’ve got six wrestlers, two start, and every 3,4,5 minutes another wrestler will enter. There you go. I think it’s an underrated style of match. With this year’s line-up, I think we stand to see the best one yet. Yeah, and that includes JBL. He’s a god-awful wrestler, but in a hardcore environment, with another really good wrestler, he can actually achieve something. So I’m looking forward to this.

I started writing this article about 2 weeks ago, after having a discussion with my brother that it’d been awhile since we saw the Elimination Chamber, and it was probably due sometime. Well, low-and-behold. This February’s No Way Out PPV will mark the 5th WWE Elimination Chamber, 6 if you count the horrible ECW one, but we don’t. Now, although the Chamber is really cool, it doesn’t make a great match all on it’s own, it’s all about what guys you insert. If you’ve got a great cast of wrestlers, you’re gonna have quite the event, if you were to watch this in WCW circa 2000, you’d wonder why you weren’t given the alternative of an barbwire catheter.

But, let us get started, shall we?

Triple H [C] vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho vs. Booker T vs. Kane vs. Shawn Michaels
WWE Survivor Series 2002 – Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship
Your Hosts: Jim Ross & Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler
Wrestler’s Time Intervals: 5 Minutes

The Match: Ah, our first ever Elimination Chamber, and HBK’s second match in 4 years. Quick question though, why the hell is he wearing cowboy boots and generic wrestling pants? Is that some part of being born again, dressing like an idiot? *shrugs* At least he isn’t wearing those heart-shaped sun-glasses.

RVD & Triple H to start. Rather quickly, RVD has Triple on the outside grate, and busts him open. He then lays him down on the outside, and does a sick Rolling-Thunder over the top rope onto the game. RVD attempts a Frog-Splash off the top of a chamber, but Jericho is a meanie and pulls his legs down. Triple H jumps up and tries to catch some offence, which he does, but he catches RVD’s rights and lefts. He gets knocked to the grate, and once he stands up he finds RVD doing a mid-air summersault right into him.

First Entry: Chris Jericho

Second Entry: Booker T

Rob finally goes for the 5 Star off the chamber, however, the ceiling was too close and it just looked as if he fell off. In turn it messed up his knee, and Booker T got the pin.

First Eliminated: RVD

Third Entry: Kane

I’m really not much for huge guys, such as Nathan Jones, and Kane. I find them boring, slow, and seemingly incapable of wrestling. [exceptions to Abyss, who is one of my favourite wrestlers]. However, matches like this cater to the strengths, no matter how few they be. It shows when Kane does things like throwing Jericho through the Plexiglas. Kane seemed like such a better wrestler back in the day. Maybe it was his jeri-curl wig that kept him decent. Samson style…

Second Eliminated: Booker

Pedigree, Superkick-, Lionsault, That’s what we have to do to earn the pin of Kane.

Third Eliminated: Kane

We have a bloody Jericho, Shawn, and Triple H left. Triple H hits Jericho with a clothesline that sounds like a gunshot. Then he gives Triple H his receipt soon after by slapping him in the Walls of Jericho and not letting go until Shawn Michaels makes the save with the Superkick.

Last Eliminated: Chris Jericho

It’s a shame he had to be eliminated, I truly felt he was the MVP of this match and carried the whole thing. Triple H hits a catapult and sends Shawn face first through the plexi. Pretty cool image, Shawn all mangled, laying a pile of plexi. The one goddamn time it actually looks like a car-crash, and he doesn’t say anything about it. Shawn climbs to the top of the chamber, hoping he has a better faring than RVD. He does. Lands the elbow from about 15 feet up. Shawn aims to tune up the band, Triple with the reverse, Pedigree! Pin gets 2, and Triple H goes nuts. He goes back to the well again, Shawn with the backflip, superkick, pin

Winner and new World Heavyweight Champion: Shawn Michales

The Analysis: Nobody saw this coming, and it earned a huge pop at Suvivor Series. Everyone thought the match at Summerslam was a one time deal, and then thought perhaps this would be just for a pop in ratings. So the fact he won was pretty goddamn cool. Triple H ended up with an injury to his larynx, and spent 30 hours in a NY hospital. Everyone brought their A game here, and I truly enjoyed it. It was about 40 minutes long, and a true corner-to-corner war. It’s a shame RVD didn’t stay in longer, because he was magic for quite a while.

The Rating: * * * *

Triple H [C] vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton vs. Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg
WWE Summerslam 2003 – Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship
Your Hosts: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
Wrestler’s Time Intervals: 3 minutes

The Match: Jericho and Shawn start this match out. They lock up, then break. Another lock-up, Jericho into a head-lock, turns it into an arm-bar and Shawn reverses that into an arm-bar of his own, then Jericho reverses it. Shawn hits some elbows, comes off the rope, elbow, then off the rope into a cross-body, Jericho flips it into a pin, then another roll up pin, each get 2. Head-scissors into a bridge-pin, back up, Jericho with a boot to shawn. Irish whip, sunset flip, Jericho sits on Shawn, pin get’s 2. Jericho slaps Shawn, whom then returns the favour. He whips Jericho and turns it into a back-body drop. Both back up, Jericho’s head into the turnbuckle, Irish whip into the buckle, Jericho rushes, Shawn leaps over, Jericho grabs him and turns it into the Walls. Out of that, bulldog, misses the Lion Sault, both back up, Jericho takes down Shawn with a clothesline.

New Entry: Randy Orton

He enters with a high cross body to HBK. Whips Shawn, then executes a drop-kick, followed by clothesline Shawn to the outside. Jericho comes up with some chops, whips, mises the closeline, Randy slugs him and delivers his own style of backbreaker. Pin attempt gets two. Shawn punches both Jericho and Randy, whips Jericho who kicks a waiting Shawn, then enzuigiri. Randy creeps up and dropkicks Chris, followed by laying the boots to him. Seriously, Jericho sees more boot soles than the ground of a death march. Jericho bodydrops Randy to the steel grating. He follows out and bodyslams Randy to the grate, back in, Shawn tries a drop-kick but it gets caught midway and turned into the Walls.

New Entry: Kevin Nash

He enters, clubs Randy and sends him into the steel. Clubs Jericho down and clotheslines him to the outside. He then follows, picks up Jericho and lawn-darts Jericho 3 times into the steel. Back in, Randy climbs on-top of Shawn with the fists. Nash then grates Jericho’s head into the chains before throwing him back in the ring. Nash grabs Randy and delivers his sidewalk slam. Pin attempt gets 2. Nash picks up Shawn, checks on him, then clotheslines him for the 2 count. Irish whip, misses two clotheslines and finally lands an elbow. Nash whips Jericho and gives him the boot, he goes for the Jack-knife but gets a superkick from Shawn. Pin 1-2-3

Eliminated: Kevin Nash

Well, that was quick. But honestly, I thought it fit. Nash came in and cleaned house. I really liked his involvement. All men are laid out.

New Entry: Triple H

Just as he’s coming out, Shawn superkicks him back in. Pretty awesome. Nash is back up, and pissed. He Jackknifes Jericho, smashes Randy’s head into Shawn’s, then delivers another knife to Randy. He leaves the place with bodies laying all over the ring. Really well played. Crowd seems to be teeming for Goldberg. As it is, both Jericho and Shawn are busted open. HBK goes to pin Randy, gets a 2. Tries to pin Jericho, he puts his foot on the ropes. HBK is the first up, then Randy, then Jericho. Shawn punches Randy, he does the same, then Jericho decks Shawn, all 3 men wobble. Jericho gets put down, then Randy gets put down.

Last Entry: Goldberg

He enters. Slugs Randy, Jericho, and Shawn. He lays out all 3 men. Picks up Randy in a gorilla press drops him into a Alabama Slammer type move. Pretty cool. Jericho and Shawn double-team Goldberg but get double-clotheslines for their effort. Goldberg spears Orton and get’s a 3.

Eliminated: Randy Orton

Jericho missile-dropkicks Goldberg but gets 2. Back up, Goldberg grabs Jericho in a gorilla-press and sends him flying into the chains. Shawn decks Bill and attempts to whip, only to have Goldberg reverse it and send him flying into the buckle. Jericho tries to get up, but once he does, he gets speared into the Plexiglas and sent through it. I gotta say, I don’t like Goldberg, but he’s looking totally awesome here. Back in, Shawn lays him out with a punch, then drops a top-rope elbow. He strikes up the band, superkick ducked, spear, and we get a jack-hammer.

Eliminated: Shawn Michaels

Jericho is back in, only to get a spear and a jack-hammer.

Eliminated: Chris Jericho

Leaving only Triple H and Goldberg. Triple H hasn’t left the chamber, and has Ric close it. It’s so f’ning funny. Ric is pressed up against the security barrier with his feet on the cage door, flipping off Goldberg. Well, if they won’t open the door, break it down. Goldberg does just that, again, looking like a bad-ass. Which is VERY hard for me to say. He beats on Triple H, and finally gets him to come outta the cage. Slams his head into the steel a couple of times, opening him up, then goes for the grate. Triple H finally mounts some offence, slamming Goldberg’s head into the chains. Tries a whip, but gets reversed into a clothesline. Both men in the ring now, Goldberg sets up for the spear, but Ric has handed Triple H the sledgehammer. Goldberg goes for the spear, but Triple H moves to the right and clubs Goldberg with the hammer, for the 1-2-3.

Winner and still champ: Triple H

The Analysis: See, the reasons I like this is because it’s just a plain and simple fun match. Triple H played the part of the chicken-shit heel perfectly. He hid out in the cage until everyone was gone, then used a weapon to cheat in the end. Granted, I know he had an injury and that is why he had limited involvement, but they dealt with it well. They did a fine job of hiding people’s weakness’ and using their strengths, such as Nash. He didn’t go long, and just kicked the hell outta people. Once he was eliminated, he beat the hell outta everybody. Jericho and Shawn carried the match because of how awesome they are, and Randy did his part. Once Goldberg came in, he just killed. I’ve never liked him, but this match fits him perfectly. Slamming people through the glass, breaking it himself to fetch Triple H, just some smart shit. Really, a very nice match.

The Rating: * * * *

Triple H vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs. Batista vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton / Special Guest Ref – Shawn Michaels
WWE New Years Revolution 2005 – Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship
Your Hosts: Jim Ross, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawer & Johnathan ‘I Must Be Sleeping With The Right People’ Coachmen
Wrestler’s Time Intervals: 5 Minutes

In this match, the World Heavyweight title appears to be vacant. So we get the 6 men best fit for it to fight it out. This is all shortly after Evolution kicked Randy out of it for winning the World Heavy Weight Title. It’s also great because this is the start of Batista’s rise. He gets a huge pop, and has obviously improved his skills drastically in the ring. This is probably the best group up of men ever in the chamber.

The Match: Jericho starts if off by putting Benoit in a headlock, followed by a take down. Back up, they lock together and Jericho elbows Benoit in the gut. They chop each other and Benoit whips Jericho, on the way back he clotheslines him to the ground. Back up, he rocks Jericho’s head into the turnbuckle, then a whip. Jericho fights back and serves up some chops of his own, followed by a whip, he rushes but gets a boot to the face. Jericho is down, Benoit tries the sharpshooter, Chris reverses and tries the Walls, Benoit pushes him off. Jericho bounces off the ropes and then gets a German suplex. Jericho back up, tries to take down Benoit and use the Walls, but Benoit doesn’t let it happen. He chops Jericho, comes off the ropes but it gets turned against him with a clothesline. Jericho picks him up and drops him with a suplex, 2 count. Jericho punts Benoit in the ribs, then heads to the top turnbuckle. Benoit knocks him down, then chops him, he climbs up with him and superplexes him off the rope.

New Entry: Triple H

He starts if off by pummelling Benoit in the corner, then lays the boots. He picks him up and whips him to the corner very aggressively. He then whips Jericho and gives him a high-knee. Picking Benoit back up, he whips him the same as he did before and attempts a pin. 2 count. Jericho boots Triple H and works the rights and lefts, to the corner, now some chops. Whip to the corner, Triple H bounces out and clotheslines Jericho down. Picking Benoit back up, he tosses him to the outside grate and follows suit. He picks Benoit back up and sends him face first into the chains. Back in the ring, H picks up Jericho and sends him to the grates as well. He goes back towards Benoit, who’s now busted open, and drives his knuckles into the wound. Triple H picks up Benoit, and again sends him face first into the steel. Pin attempt gets 2. H tries a Pedigree, but Jericho clotheslines the hell outta him, then rocks the right fists on him. Off the ropes, Triple H bounces up and tries a Pedigree, but Jericho back-drops him to the grates. Apparently, causing great pain. Jericho follows Triple H to the outside. He grabs Trip’s legs and lifts him upward, causing Triple H’s head to crash onto the grated steel. Jericho back in, lends Triple H a hand and suplexes him back in. Pin attempt gets 2. Jericho starts work on Benoit again, but he works his own offence with a serious chop. He follows that up with a quick elbow, and a swinging neckbreaker.

New Entry: Edge

He comes in and attacks both Benoit and Jericho. He sends Jericho to the corner and spears him, followed by Triple H. He picks up H again and gives him the Edgeucution. Pin attempt gets 2. Edge attacks Benoit, whips him then rocks the belly-over-the-head suplex. Edge starts to work on H again, rights and lefts, whips him and executes the back-body drop. Jericho comes outta no where with a drop kick and pin attempt on H. Gets 2. Back up, Jericho bounces off the second rope and drop-kicks Edge something fierce. Back in, Jericho sends Benoit off the ropes and crashes his knee into Benoit’s stomach. Jericho goes back out to Edge, only to have Edge lowblow him and catapult him into the chains. Triple H back, executes an atomic drop, and pushes Edge into the chains. Pedigree attempt gets blocked, then he’s catapulted into the chains. Edge climbs the rope and rocks a flying clothesline on a busted open Benoit. Pin attempt gets 2. Jericho’s showing red now. Benoit goes for the crossface, but Edge doesn’t let it happen. He baseball slide dropkicks Benoit’s ribs, only to have Jericho run in and do an running enzuigiri. Pin attempt gets 2. Jericho decks Triple H, and works some forearms. Off the rope, it’s reversed and Triple H delivers the spinebuster to Jericho. Pin attempt gets 2. Benoit works edge. Nothernlights suplex only gets a 2. Jericho misses a haymaker and Triple H lands the Pedigree.

New Entry. Randy Orton

Randy comes out, decks Edge, sends him to the steel. Leaps off the top rope and cross-body-blocks Triple H followed by a flurry of fists. He sends him to the corner and beats a mudhole into him. Back up, he sends Triple H out to the grate, and continues the assault. Triple H is then sent headfirst into the chains, and thrown back in. Randy pummels H to the outside again and smashes Triple H’s forehead into the black steel. Throwing him back in, Randy whips and powerslams Triple H. Jericho shows his face and gets an RKO for his trouble. He tries the same with Benoit, but he counters into the Crossface. Benoit lets go and slaps Triple H in the sharpshooter. Randy back up, rocks Benoit with the RKO. Edge sets up Orton for the spear, he ducks and Edge hits HBK. He finally hits his target, Orton, but there’s no ref. Edge tries to wake him up, yelling at Shawn, but gets a Superkick for his trouble. Jericho hits the Lionsault, and a pin.

First Eliminated: Edge

Triple H goes for the Pedigree, but Benoit grabs him and rocks 3 German suplexes. He calls for the Flying Head-butt. But not from the top rope, the top of the chamber. He flies across the ring and lands on Triple H, who is then put into the Walls by Jericho. Is that enough? No. Benoit slaps him into the Crossface as well. Easily the coolest combo ever.

Last Entry: Batista

He enters, slams down Jericho, then Benoit. He beats on Benoit and whips him, shoulder block. Boot to Jericho, then sends him to the outside. Followed by Benoit. Randy rushes him but gets a spinebuster for his troubles. He faces Triple H, it seems like it might go down, but before we get an answer, he’s swarmed. Benoit and Orton work Batista. Double whip gets a single clothesline from Batista. He then finds Jericho and gorilla-press-slams him into a camera man. He grabs Benoit and powerslams him. JR then says Batista in the oddest way ever..almost as if he were a Latin woman. Orton leaps on Batista and pummels him. Back up, he lays the boot along with Benoit. Jericho rolls up Orton, gets 2. Randy works Jericho in the corner, Benoit works Batista in the other. Triple H comes around and attacks Orton, throwing him to the outside. He follows and throws him into the chains. Jericho comes from nowhere and bulldogs Triple H face-first into the grate. Ow. On the other side, Batista throws Benoit into the chains, picks him up for a lawndart, but Benoit slips off and shoves Batista into the wall. Triple H is now busted after the bulldog. He gets back into the ring, then falls in the middle, Ric Flair style. Batista is back up, stomping on Benoit. Benoit gets back up and tries to fight off Batista with chops, he gets a spinebuster for his trouble. Then Batista grabs Jericho and does the same atop Benoit. He then covers the Wolverine.

Second Eliminated: Chris Benoit

Batista goes back to working on Jericho, as Triple H deals with Orton. Batista whips Jericho, but Jericho boots, then chops, off the ropes, Batista misses the clothesline, but catches Jericho’s cross-body block. He slams him to the ground, then goes for the Batista bomb. A cover earns him another point.

Third Eliminated: Chris Jericho

It doesn’t look good for Orton now. Triple H rushes him, but Orton backbody drops him, then fends off Batista. Triple H grabs Orton by the legs and catapults him into the wall busting his face open. H clotheslines Orton back in, as Batista starts to go to work on him. He holds up Orton for Triple H, who then slaps Orton to the ground and both men take turns stomping him. Batista works the boots, then picks up Orton for a powerslam. Pin attempt gets 2, surprisingly. H whips Orton for a spinbuster, gets 2. Whip again, clothesline, another cover and another 2 count. A frustrated Triple H vents his anger at Shawn. Batista gets down and pummels Orton. They set him back up and Orton starts to fight off both ment, rights lefts, lefts rights. He fights H into the corner then works Batista. Batista goes for the bomb, but Orton lowblows and rocks the RKO. Pin attempt gets the 3.

Fourth Eliminated: Batista

Triple H comes from behind and knocks down Orton. He picks him back up and sends him to the outside. He tries the ol’ face to grate, but Orton blocks and successfully does so to Triple H. Orton calls for the RKO and lands it. Batista distracts Shawn, which brings in Ric, who distracts Shawn, so then Batista can spear Orton. Triple H turns Orton over, and picks him up for the Pedigree. He lands it for the one-two-three.

Winner and new World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H

The Analysis: Another great Chamber. Most consider this one the best, and it’s hard to disagree. It had the perfect 6 man combination. We had the storylines between Edge and Shawn, along with Orton seeking revenge against Triple H, despite the deck being stacked against him. Jericho and Benoit were thrown into the mix to bring up just the pure wrestling aspect of it. It wasn’t a match with an easy to predict finish. There was a good thought that Orton could do this. He’d proven himself before. An awesome match, very brutal and just all out fun to watch.

The Rating: * * * *

John Cena [C] vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters vs. Carlito vs. Kane
WWE New Years Revolution 2006 – Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship
Your Hosts: Joey Styles, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler & Johnathan Coachman
Wrestler’s Time Intervals: 4 Minutes

The Match: Cena and Shawn to start. This seems to be the beginning of when Cena was being booed. Shawn catches a sick elbow from Cena, sent some spit flying. Although it’s a little hokey, and over the top, I’ve always enjoyed Shawn selling the kicks when he lays atop the turnbuckle.

First Entry: Carlito. Who spits a ton of apple on the glass. Gnarly.

I wasn’t watching wrestling during this time, so I never understood why people could ever be behind Carlito. I see now, because he’s rocking some shit. After taking out Cena, he does a no hands summer-sault-flip over the top rope onto Shawn and the steel grate. Nice jumping reverse side-Russian-leg-sweep. Carlito was controlling the match for a bit, then gets cocky and catches a flap-jack from both Shawn and Cena.

Second Entry: Kurt Angle

He hits the match with fire. Release German Suplex for Shawn, Carlito, Cena, Shawn again, Carlito again, Cena one more time. It’s a battlefield once Kurt hits. Belly to belly over the top rope for Shawn, release German to the steel for Carlito, now he goes to work on Cena. Goddammit, he’s the man. I wish he’d never left and became crapped on at TNA. He delivers the first catapult to the wall on Shawn, causing him to bust wide open. He racks Shawn into the plexiglas, smearing his blood all over it. Carlito reverses the Angle Slam, tries a reverse DDT, Angle reverses that into the Angle Lock.

Third Entry: Chris Masters

Why the F**K is he in this match? It’s not 1985. This guy is useless. He cleans house like…well, like any fresh guy could who comes in attacking people who’ve been fighting for almost 20 minutes inside a steel cage. So, f him. Angle reverses the Masterlock into the Angle Lock, Cena tries the FU, of course, the man, Angle, reverses that into the same lock as before. *sigh*….but then Shawn comes along and mucks it up with a super-kick.

First Eliminated: Kurt Angle

Why…..why not Masters? Is his roided up, no-f**king-use-in-a-match ass just too valuable? Kurt enters a match, it damn near goes up 2 full stars just for it. Oh well, at least he went on to face Taker in 2006’s MOTY at No Way Out. Anyways, enough of my well deserved bitching, let’s get back to the match. Carlito and Masters worked out an alliance of sorts, so they’re double-teaming both Cena & Shawn.

Last Entry: Kane

Thankfully he comes in to rock Masters and Carlito. Well, I just want him to beat up Masters, he’s dragging this match down. Kane hits one of the highest chokeslams I’ve ever seen on Cena. Carlito hits the Back Stabber on Kane. Sick move. Kane’s right back up. They give him a double-DDT, puts him down…for a couple seconds. Masters tries to gorilla press slam Carlito onto Kane, but can barely get him half way up. Double-pin on Kane.

Second Eliminated: Kane

Although pretty beat up, Cena and Shawn manage to start mounting offence against the alliance of Carlito and the Masterpiece. Shawn single handily takes’em both out. Shawn rocks the Sweet Chin Music on Cena, but can’t get the pin because The Alliance feels it’d be better to beat him up than pin the champion. *shrugs* They work Shawn, Carlito hits uh….A sort of reverse Twist of Fate, I guess, and pins Shawn.

Third Eliminated: Shawn Michaels

Cena is able to dig up a second wind and start whipping both men. Hits a 5 Knuckle on Carlito. Goes for the FU, but Masters has something to say about that. Throws Cena out onto the grate. Then eventually hits a DDT on the grate, which, I bet my money has stuck Cena pretty well. Ooh, my crystal ball is clear tonight. Both guys go to work on Cena once back in, so it’s looking pretty bleak. I don’t mean for Cena, but for the fans, because there’s a chance that Masters could be champ. *shudders* Masters hits the lamest move ever, the Masterlock. Carlito then pulls the sneaky and rolls up Masters.

Fourth Eliminated: Chris Masters

Cena takes advantage of this and rolls up Carlito

Your winner and still WWE Champ: John Cena

ooh, but it’s not over. Edge, being a f**king brilliant heel has cashed in his MITB he won at WM21. Edge comes out, and basically destroys Cena for his first WWE Title win. Awesome.

The Analysis: The first time I saw this one, I wasn’t too impressed. But looking back, it’s my favourite one. With the exception of Masters, you had an awesome cast. These types of matches are perfect for normal duds like Kane. It’s a shame that Kurt was eliminated so quickly, because he could have brought this match to a 5 star probably if he’d stuck around. However, everyone else, except Masters, did an awesome job and really brought it. The ending was EXTREMELY anti-climactic. 2 roll ups in 6 seconds? Yawn. But I suppose they made up for it with Edge coming out and cashing in to win the title. Oh, and King has the line of the night, in reference to Edge and Lita "Well, you know what they say; Behind every successful man…….is a slut"

The Rating: * * * * 1/4th

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