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ECW February 5, 2008 Results

The 85’th Edition of ECW came to you from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX.

Match Results

  • Layla (ECW) & Victoria (SmackDown!) def. Kelly Kelly (ECW) & Michelle McCool (SmackDown!) by Victoria pinning Kelly Kelly following the Widow’s Peak.
  • John Morrison (with The Miz) def. Tommy Dreamer (with Colin Delaney) by pin following the Tuesday Night Delight.
  • Kofi Kingston def. James Curtis (jobber) by pin following the Kofi Kick (spinning front kick).
  • First Ever Gulf of Mexico Match*: Non-Title: CM Punk (ECW) def. Chavo Guerrero (SmackDown!)


Match Quality

  1. Gulf of Mexico Match
  2. John Morrison Vs. Tommy Dreamer
  3. James Curtis Vs. Kofi Kingston
  4. Layla & Victoria Vs. Kelly Kelly & Michelle McCool


*Armando Estrada announced at the tail end of a CM Punk/Chavo Guerrero confrontation (which saw Chavo promising to "humiliate" CM Punk like Punk did last week when he hit him with a guitar) that Chavo and Punk would face off in the first ever "Gulf of Mexico Match". The rules were explained and Armando described it as being fought under Extreme Rules and the first person to throw their opponent into the Gulf of Mexico (which was just outside the American Bank Center) would win the match. The match starts in the ring and the object (and the only way to win) is to throw your opponent into the Gulf of Mexico. The match is similar to a Street Fight as it is a "come dressed as you are" match.

Also, at the top of the show, CM Punk came out and showed a clip from his attack on Chavo Guerrero last week. Then he demanded his rematch for the ECW Title "right here and right now". This prompted Chavo to come out and inform Punk that he will get his rematch at No Way Out. Meaning the Chavo Guerrero Vs. CM Punk for the ECW Title has been added to the No Way Out card.