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EGM Tidbit Reveals New Screens and Possible Impact! Release Date

With news scarce in the wrestling games world, any little tidbits are pounced upon without an afterthought. So it is welcoming to see that the latest issue of EGM has revealed some newer screenshots of the forthcoming TNA Impact! videogame from Midway, and a possible time of release. With thanks to a cool chap named ‘phsyco_mikeo’ over on the forum, here is a surmise of the short article and a link to a magazine scan of the article:

TNA Impact!
Wii/PS3/XB360 * Midway * Fall 2008

The Agenda: Tame your hormones, sleezeballs—- this ain’t a game about boobs and butts. Well, unless you care about the men’s variety, that is. TNA actually stands for Total Nonstop Action, and Impact! is the first game based on the small but growing wrestling fed. While the Smackdown series is steadily making improvements, some longtime fans are fed up with its ho-hum grappling engine. That’s where Impact! hopes to shine— the developers are basing the gameplay on the Nintendo 64 classic WWF No Mercy. "We’re all big fans [of No Mercy]," says Midway L.A. Studio Head Scott Lane. "It’s definately influenced us."

Skeletons in the Closet? So far, we’re really stoked for Impact!, but one thing is pinning down our hopes. The development team behind the game previously made the terrible Backyard Wrestling series. Please don’t subject us to that again!