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Good ol’ J.R Hints at SD vs Raw ’09 Details

Very brief this one, but in the glut of news it suddenly gains some interest; in his recent blog, J.R has talked of beginning voiceover work for the next title in THQ’s Smackdown Vs Raw series of WWE videogames. Here is what Jimmy had to say:

"Thursday night I began work on the next THQ video game with voicing over about 200 lines of copy. The new game’s concept, which I have been sworn to secrecy, has already aroused my curiosity and is scheduled for release in the fall of ‘08."

The sceptics will have a field day relating to the speculative ‘new concept’, and the 200 lines of copy possibly following the trend of the past few titles of being more carbon copy of past voiceover work; but with Midway on the scene with a certain TNA Impact!, there couldn’t be a better time to re-envision the franchise with new concepts to spruce new interest.