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WWE: Company Cutting Ties with OVW?

There have been rumors on WWE moving in this direction for years, but now more than ever, a number of people in management are pushing for WWE to finally sever ties with developmental promotion Ohio Valley Wrestling. It may be something to keep an eye on after WrestleMania.

To add to the uneasy feeling some of the developmental wrestlers have after the latest round of firings, there are 14 WWE-contracted wrestlers left in Ohio Valley Wrestling. The feeling among some of them is that Ohio Valley Wrestling’s connection with WWE could be coming to an end. It’s interesting to note that nearly all of the developmental signees over the past few months have been sent to Florida Championship Wrestling instead of OVW, the lone exceptions being Matt Sydal, and Lupe Viscara & Andrew Vain, who came straight out of the Ohio Valley Wrestling school. A number of wrestlers are waiting to see what happens when Florida Championship Wrestling starts running a regular schedule of TV tapings and live events. FCW plans on holding their first-ever TV taping on February 28.

As noted earlier, WWE developmental wrestler Shawn Osbourne was among those let go by the company on Monday. Osbourne was said to be on the chopping block for quite some time. WWE agents who saw him buried his work, saying he had "bush league indy-level skills" and no potential to ever break out. The WWE creative team also didn’t like him, so he was pretty much doomed.