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WWE Spoilers: What Is Wrong With The Power 25 This Week

While there are only a couple of screw-ups this week, here is what’s wrong with the Power 25 Rankings for February 9, 2008:


  • This "mistake" didn’t happen only once, but three times. In the boxes of MVP, The Undertaker, & Batista it mentioned that the team of MVP, The Great Khali, & Big Daddy V beat the team of Batista, Finlay, & The Undertaker by DQ. It was a No Contest, so nobody won.
  • Stemming from the above oversight (or whatever you want to call it), they put in Big Daddy V’s box that he remained "idle" this week. I guess that confrontation at the beginning of SmackDown and that 6-Man Tag Team Match was just a mirage.
  • Lastly, in The Undertaker’s box they say that he will "take out his aggression in the SmackDown Elimination". It’s called the Elimination Chamber Match. It’s not that hard to get straight.


Yes, it is nice to know that these people really try on these rankings. I’m sure that there will be many more mistakes in the coming weeks.