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ECW February 12, 2008 Results

The 89’th edition of ECW was taped on February 6, 2008 from the Toyota Center in Houston, TX.

Match Results

  • Stevie Richards* (in his return to ECW) def. Rory Fox (jobber) by pin following the Stevie-T.
  • Kelly Kelly def. Layla by pin following a modified facebuster (looked like a modified version of the FameAsser).
  • Kofi Kingston def. Mike Knox by pin following the Kofi Kick.
  • Tommy Dreamer def. John Morrison by pin following the Dreamer DDT.
  • CM Punk (ECW) def. Mark Henry (SmackDown) by DQ when Mark Henry refused to break a chinlock after CM Punk got in the ropes.

Match Quality

  1. John Morrison Vs. Tommy Dreamer
  2. Mike Knox Vs. Kofi Kingston
  3. Stevie Richards Vs. Rory Fox
  4. CM Punk Vs. Mark Henry
  5. Layla Vs. Kelly Kelly


*Stevie Richards made his return to ECW after a four month absence, in which he underwent five surgeries to repair a vocal cord injury that he suffered around 11 years ago (1997).