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WWE: Update on the Release of Dave Lagana

Additional Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We’ve been covering the story about the recent release of longtime WWE creative team member Dave Lagana. Lagana was fired on January 25th, while he was on vacation. He had been writing ECW television since Paul Heyman’s departure.

  • A one-sentence email was sent to WWE employees informing them of Lagana’s release. When previous creative team members have been let go, WWE has thanked them for their service, acknowledged their contributions and wished them well. There was nothing of the sort for Lagana and the company email was said to be "cold".

    While there were rumors that Lagana’s release was a result of him leaking news to the wrestling news media, sources close to the situation have stated that his release was not because of news leaking but actually regarding Lagana’s behavior. While the sources were not willing to elaborate further, Lagana has been on thin ice for quite some time with a number of people.

    Several wrestlers have complained about Lagana’s behavior. Recently the Undertaker received a complaint from a wrestler about Lagana and this time, the company took action.

    Dave Lagana is said to be devastated about his release. He loved working for WWE and was really counting on long-term job security there. He admired Howard Finkel’s position as somebody who was a loyal company man with a "job for life".