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New details about final days of the Benoit family

The Fayetteville Daily News has featured several articles this week relating to the Benoit family tragedy.

An article published today looks at whether Nancy or Daniel Benoit tried to call for help during the tragic weekend. Phone records from the Benoit home showed a call to 411 (information) looking for the number of a local police station. Scott Ballard, Fayette County District Attorney, said “I can only assume it was Nancy Benoit who called 411, but I’m confused as to why the call was made to 411 and not 911,”

The article also stated that calls were also made to Holly Schrepfer, a neighbor of the Benoits. Schrepfer told local investigators that "Nancy Benoit began abusing alcohol and prescription medication to help cope with her relationship with Chris and the demands of his career." Another friend, Pam Clark, told those same investigators, claiming that Nancy believed Chris was having a relationship with "one of the WWE Divas" and that Nancy "did not feel like she knew Chris anymore, had been acting strange lately and his mood swings had gotten to the point that he would pick fights with her over nothing.”

Another article on the same site asks the question: "Did Chris Benoit turn to religion after killing his wife, son?".