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TNA: Kurt Angle makes some questionable comments in interview

TNA Champion Kurt Angle made some questionable comments in a recent interview with Below are some highlights:

When asked if he was confident that fans would pick TNA Impact! over WWE SmackDown vs. RAW Angle said:

“No I’m not confident that will happen. I believe in the long run we will end up selling more than they will. But I believe the fans will pick Smackdown first, they will try it out and then they’ll go back and they will pick TNA Impact! up and they’ll try it and say “wow I shouldn’t have bought Smackdown”. What’s going to happen is after the first round of people buy they’re going to call their friends and say TNA Impact! is so much better than Smackdown, get that.

Angle went on to say that it will take awhile but they will eventually destroy the new SmackDown game:

“During the first week I don’t think we’re going to win the war. I think within a month we’re going to be crushing them in the war. So it’s just going to take a couple of weeks for everybody to realize that we have the better game.”

The interviewer asks Kurt why it may take a month for Impact to pass the WWE game. His answer was:

“It’s just that right now WWE is slightly beating us in the TV ratings and they are going to have the advantage because they’ve had experience.”