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WWE: First money made by WWE Films

WWE Films generated its first dollars for the company in the last quarter of 2007 with a total of $16 million in sales mainly from the Kane movie ‘See No Evil’. While ‘The Marine’ with John Cena was way more popular than Kane’s, revenue from that movie will most probably be recorded in the first quarter of 2008. ‘The Condemned’ with Steve Austin didn’t break even and it’s highly unlikely that the company will make any money off that movie after covering marketing and production costs. No movies are scheduled for this year however John Cena will start working on his new movie titled ’12 Rounds’ in New Orleans. The movie will be released in theaters in 2009 while other projects which are being considered are all going direct to video. Direct to video movies cost much less to produce and can bring in revenue much quicker than a theatrical release unless it’s a blockbuster movie that made millions in its first weekend. (thanks to Colin Vassallo)