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Breaking News: Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff Starting a New Wrestling Organization?

Additional Source: Dave Meltzer

In an interview with The Sun in the U.K. ( Hulk Hogan said that he and Eric Bischoff are about to sign a network deal for a new pro wrestling show.

"Last night me and Eric were getting ready to sign a deal with one of the TV networks here in America. We had a little bit of a problem with the licensing and merchandising, which has delayed it. But I totally expect we’re going to sign the TV portion of this very soon, because there’s no point in starting any sort of wrestling organization without the TV locked in place."

Hogan knocked the current WWE product in the interview, saying he’s a wrestling fan but he finds WWE "pretty boring programming. It’s watered down and unexciting and the viewer doesn’t have any option except to have it shoved down his throat."

Hogan and Bischoff have talked for more than a year about starting a company, contacting many former WWE and WCW stars from the 80s and 90s. Before the divorce, Linda Bollea had told me Hogan and Bischoff would be starting a company, but not to compete with Vince, but to do overseas tours starring Hogan. We haven’t heard any rumblings of top talent having been talked with, and there is very little in the way of free agent talent out there. If the two have legitimate network backing, they could be a player, but would need a long-term commitment or it’s not even worth starting.

Hogan is believed to have put a considerable amount of money into a company where Bischoff controls the money.

Keep in mind Hogan has nearly half a dozen times at this point in time made threats of starting his own company, or strongly teased starting up with other companies. In every case, hindsight has shown the motive was to get McMahon to bring him back, since Wrestlemania season is here.