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WWE: Injury update on 2 Superstars

Additional Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Paul London hasn’t fully healed from his foot injury, which has put him out of action since the middle of December. In case you didn’t notice, he never actually tagged in his return match on the 2/4 Raw. He didn’t work the taping for the next week’s show, and at last night’s Heat taping, he accompanied Brian Kendrick to the ring for a singles match with Lance Cade. The 2/4 Raw happened to take place in London’s hometown of Austin, Texas, and he didn’t know that he was going to be working the show until he arrived to the building

Regarding the severity of Rory McAllister’s pec tear injury, it will keep him sidelined for about six months. Rory, the bald Highlander, wasn’t aware of the injury until he hurt his chest in a match. WWE had him see a doctor to check it out. After an MRI, the doctor informed him that he had torn his right pectoral completely off the bone. Rory underwent surgery on 2/10. With Rory out of action for six months, that puts his tag partner Robbie McAllister in a quandary to say the least as he rarely wrestles in singles matches, let alone coming out victorious in them. Robbie lost to "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in a dark match last night.