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Update on Sean Waltman’s Attempted Suicide

Sean Waltman is in a rehab facility in Texas. Kevin Nash flew to Texas a few weeks back to check him in for both psychiatric care and rehab. Nash reportedly contacted Triple H to get the wheels in motion for WWE to pay for his rehab. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Nash was also instrumental in getting Scott Hall to agree to rehab.

The Observer also reports that girlfriend (an ex-WWE Diva) Alicia Webb discovered Waltman, in his Mexico City apartment, noly alive after allegedly attempting to hang himself, in a manner similiar to Chris Benoit’s suicide. When she found him, he was purple and had broken blood vessels in his eye and face. Waltman has denied this report, and claims he had a bad reaction from mixing alcohol and antidepressants.

The father of Webb’s children, once he got word of the story, went on MySpace and asked for help bringing his children back from Mexico. Webb is said to be paranoid about going on the road with AAA fearing someone might take her kids.