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WWE: Cyber Sunday buyrate mistake corrected

WWE mistakenly listed Cyber Sunday 2007 as doing 290,000 PPV buys on their corporate website a few months ago. In the company’s financial report released last week for the entire year, the show was listed as actually doing a total of 194,000 PPV buys. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter originally estimated the show at 191,000 buys, so it seemed way off when Cyber Sunday — which is traditionally one of WWE’s poorest performing pay-per-views in terms of buys — came in with such a high number. Cyber Sunday featured "Stone" Cold Steve Austin & Mick Foley in guest roles, the return of Shawn Michaels in a grudge match with Randy Orton, and a championship match between Undertaker and Batista. Despite all that, the show only managed to garner 122,000 PPV buys from North America.