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WWE: Extensive update on the Mayweather/WWE deal

Credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (Dave Meltzer)

  • The deal with Floyd Mayweather and the WWE was not one that was thrown together overnight. Shane McMahon had been pushing for the use of Mayweather for months, ever since the two had met some months ago. In the past Shane has wanted to do an angle with a shooter (a boxer or MMA guy) in the past. Shane is good friends with Chuck Liddell, and wanted him to do something for a while but Dana White doesn’t want anyone under a UFC contract to participate in pro wrestling.
  • Shane McMahon’s original pitch was a tag team match featuring Rey Mysterio and Oscar de La Hoya as a "Latino Dream Team" facing Mayweather and a partner. Mayweather was a natural heel in his fights with Hatton and de La Hoya last year, and would have fit the mold perfectly in this case as well. Besides that WWE would have had a chance to play off of a boxing event that drew 2.4-million PPV buys. The idea was pitched to de La Hoya and his people with the idea that this would give him exposure on WWE TV and give them both a new fan base to play off of, as de La Hoya and Mayweather are re-matching in September. Oscar de La Hoya’s people shot down the offer, wanting nothing to do with pro wrestling.
  • There hasn’t been a ton of mainstream media attention of the angle thus far. Last year’s angle with Donald Trump didn’t receive a lot of mainstream media attention early on but in the end was one of the more financially successful angles in the history of the company. There has been criticism of Mayweather, mainly from boxing media thus far, but not much else.
  • While The Big Show appeared on TV with his nose taped up as was bleeding heavily at the No Way Out PPV, he actually did not suffer a broken nose. Mayweather did connect with his shots, but the company was very happy with how the angle came off. The angle came off just as it was planned in the previous night’s rehearsal.
  • With the injury to Mysterio, WWE has had to change plans. They were heading towards Mysterio and Mayweather vs. Shane McMahon and The Big Show, but for now are pushing it as a singles match. Mysterio is likely to stay involved, possibly cornering Mayweather.
  • Details and a stipulation (likely something to do with boxing) for the match is expected to be announced at the press conference later today at 3PM EST. It will be streamed live on