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WWE: MyNetworkTV President speaks about getting Smackdown

In today’s New York Daily News MyNetworkTV President Greg Meidel had more comments in regards to SmackDown coming to the network this fall. When asked if he would have any input into the shows, he commented, "We’re going to continue to let the creative brains behind the WWE – the McMahon family, both Vince and Linda – do what they do best. Their enthusiasm and their excitement today is equal and probably more than what it was years ago." When asked about WWE bringing scrutiny to the network because of steroid allegations Meidel continued, "Every sport goes through the ebb and flow of life. We’ve witnessed that in baseball and football this past year with certain incidents, and they’ve weathered the storm and will be bigger and better because of that. This is a very proud organization and the McMahon’s have done a phenomenal job in the past several decades of building it from the ground up." is reporting that MyNetworkTV is paying WWE a licensing fee and will then gain all of the advertising time. To help compensate for the fee, MNTV is asking affiliates to give up an extra two minutes of ad inventory each hour during the show. According to a MNTV representative, so far affiliates have been amenable.

The New York Times is also covering the SmackDown to MyNetworkTV deal.