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WWE: Update on Rey Mysterio; Out 6-9 Months?

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SmackDown Superstar Rey Mysterio underwent successful surgery to repair his torn right bicep in his hometown of San Diego. The hour-long surgery was performed by Dr. David Chao of the Oasis Sports Medical Group, and Dr. Chao told, “Mysterio is recovering well after the procedure.”

Chao also said that the tear was one of the most significant he has seen, because it was a complete rupture of the tendon. Dr. Chao added, “We brought the tendon back down to the elbow bone where it was needed, and then used suture anchors to keep it in place.”

Mysterio injured the right arm while in action overseas in Chile. Despite the injury, the Master of the 619 continued to compete, including challenging World Heavyweight Champion Edge for the gold at No Way Out – competition that Dr. Chao says did not help Rey’s well-being.

“Rey made it [the tear] worst by trying to compete with this injury on more than one occasion, but we are confident the surgery has repaired all damage.”

As far as a timetable for Rey Mysterio’s return to action, Dr. Chao estimates, “this type of injury normally requires a recovery period of six-nine months.” However, Chao was quick to point out, “but Rey has shown his body recovers quickly from injury.”

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